3D Modeling Tools And Features You Can Use In Your New Creative Project

3D Modeling Tools And Features You Can Use In Your New Creative Project

3D modeling software is used by creative design services to build 3D printed parts for marketing collaterals and art work for clients.

Are you shopping around for the best 3D modeling software? In this article, we will help you find the best ones to fill that gap! This quick checklist will assist you in finding the tools and the right direction in your search.

Whether you’re just starting to warm up your hands with 3D design or already in the professional level, there are some 3D modeling software options that will fit your needs and skill level. Having the suitable 3D design software is very important to help build the ideal 3D model for your client’s demands.

How to choose your 3D modeling software:

Think of the reasons you are buying the 3D Modeling software for

There are different kinds of 3D modeling. The most common is more focused on art, while a small percentage use it for engineering. At times, it can be hard to achieve your desired results if you are using the wrong software.

Check the price

The prices of these tools range from free to almost 5,000 USD. Make sure you are purchasing a software within your means.

Ease of use?

Some 3D tools are very user-friendly while others demand that you have a firm background in graphic design or engineering which make it a bit harder to use.

Can you convert the files?

If your intention is to 3D print your design, make sure that it’s easy to save such huge files. STL files are the ones used for 3D Printing.

Below are some software you may use for 3D modeling

For art purposes

If your goal is to make 3D models for artistic projects, here is a bunch of popular 3D modeling software tools to help you move towards the right direction:


Blender is most often utilized for animated films, for creating vfx, art, 3D printed mock ups, interactive 3D apps and for gaming purposes. Though it costs nothing, this program is packed with features, and may be a handful for beginners to tinker with. This software is convenient to have for making revisions on STL files.


This 3d modeling tool is the go-to tool for those who want to create really cool artwork. This tool is intended for the high resolution models often used in animation and video games.


If engineering and architectures are your turf, I suggest that you get these 3D modeling tools.


TinkerCAD is quite easy to use and is compatible with your web browser. This tool is fun to use but has a reputation for being a powerful 3D modeling software platform that is user-friendly for students and newbies.

123D Design

This 3D modeling software is very user-friendly and yet has a reputation of being impressive as it lets you do cool stuff for 3D and 2D projects.

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