5 Things Successful Negotiators Fearlessly Do

5 Things Successful Negotiators Fearlessly Do

Good negotiators tend to become successful businessmen. Negotiations done properly could lead to career advancement – your salary, title, work schedule, and time off are just a few of the things you could negotiate at work. Negotiation skills could also save you from the dreadful trap of career paralysis.

Although, it’s not innate for everyone to be good negotiators, it’s something you could work on and develop over time. In fact, there are training and development services that are within your grasp to help you hone this skill. You could also practice it when interacting with different people in your everyday life.

Here Are Five Things Successful Negotiators Are Not Afraid to Do:

Asking for Discounts

Businesses make use of discounts as compensation for the inconvenience they have caused or as mere perks. Most people shy away from these discounts because they are afraid to be labeled frugal or greedy. Good negotiators on the other hand, don’t hesitate to inquire if they could get these discounts. In the minds of great negotiators, they know that they won’t get what they want if they won’t ask for it. Learning to ask for a discount is a cost-efficient way of knowing one’s worth.

Speaking with Someone in Authority

People who are in position of power often give off that intimidating aura that pushes people to be in their best behavior. This is stressful for most people. To steer clear of this kind of stress, individuals tend to avoid interacting with people in authority as much as possible. Meanwhile, successful negotiators embrace those opportunities with enthusiasm. They know the value of the instances when they could speak with someone in authority. They are fully aware that every interaction with them is a step forward towards establishing a good reputation. And it could pave way for a successful career life.

Knowing Their Priorities

In order to press on towards success, you have to grab opportunities. But saying yes to everything could do you more harm than good. It could make you a pushover, and it could take a toll on your work performance and well-being. Good negotiators know that as they advance in their career, they have to know their priorities. They know that it’s okay to say no at work from time to time. They also recognize the instances when a “no” from could do them more good than a “yes.”

Being Spontaneous and Flexible

Before you take a step forward in achieving your goals, it is crucial to undergo extensive planning. Master negotiators don’t just come up with a good plan, they also prepare alternatives in case things don’t go their way. They are quick on their feet to improvise because they acknowledge that things don’t always go as planned when negotiating at work. They also train themselves to transition to their back up plan quickly with ease.

Getting out of Their Comfort Zone

Dealing with unfamiliar situations exercise your problem-solving skills and it could give room for growth. In the workplace, there are instances that you’ll find yourself in an uncomfortable position where you have to negotiate in order to get out. Great negotiators are versatile people who could thrive even outside of their comfort zone. They know how to turn the tables on someone when they’re caught in critical situations. They also know how to compromise in order to obtain a win-win outcome.

Successful negotiators are able to fearlessly do these things because they take well-calculated risks as they do them. When you develop your negotiation skills you could make a significant impact on your career, your finances, and your quality of life.

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