7 Ways to Keep Yourself Focused in a Week Full of Distractions

7 Ways to Keep Yourself Focused in a Week Full of Distractions

As people who work in outsourced business services and solutions, we are bombarded with instant access to information. Meanwhile, we are surrounded by co-workers and friends that make our 8-9 hours of solid work quite a challenge.

However, the ability to avoid being distracted is not an impossible feat to do. It is the same as going to a yoga class or to the gym regularly – it’s all about building a solid habit.

First, You Need to Have Clear Goals in Mind

Instead of promising to yourself that you are going to work a certain number of hours each day, it would be much better if you are going to break down your tasks and determine your priorities for the work week. By focusing on certain tasks rather than on how many hours you will work, you’ll be able to avoid things that may distract you. Before the start of each shift, read your list and check which among those tasks you aim to accomplish for the day.

Do Your Work in Chunks of 1 or 2 Hours

The longer time we spend staring at our desktops, the bigger the chances that our focus will wear off and we become more prone to distractions. Break down your shift to 1-2 hour chunks and then take a short break at the end of each cycle. By doing this reset, you start fresh and you’re ready to tackle the job head on.  During those short breaks, you can take a short walk, do some stretching exercises, and listen to music that inspire you.


We have to admit the fact that the office, no matter how corporate the set-up is, it will always be full of distractions. Avoid being distracted by shutting yourself off from the outside world. The distractions I’m talking about are your co-workers, your phone, and social media. If you find yourself giving in to temptation, go find a quiet place to work in such as an empty conference room. Don’t worry, you can return to the hustle and bustle of the world after you finish your task.

Set a Time Dedicated to Distractions

Giving in to distractions is not a bad thing, but you need to focus first on finishing your priorities before indulging. You can actually motivate yourself to accomplish your tasks by using distractions to reward yourself after you’re done with work. After finishing that social media report, then you can check your Facebook or watch Netflix.

Train Your Focus

A wonderful way to learn how to not be distracted is by practicing meditation. If meditation doesn’t work for you, try doing single tasking. For example, try eating breakfast without checking your phone or reading the newspaper. Just eat breakfast. Do the same thing for your priorities.

Identify What Distracts You and Why You Get Distracted

Examine why and how you get distracted. What are the triggers that cause your focus to wane? Determining what gets you distracted will help you find ways to avoid or get around them.

Technology Can be Your Friend

If you are addicted to the Internet or social media, try blocking the sites you frequent during the critical hours when you need to do your work. Once done, unblock the sites and enjoy.

Above are easy tips to help you keep focused. These should help you become more productive as a member of offshore business services.

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