A Beginners Guide in Creating a Cool Website

A Beginners Guide in Creating a Cool Website

This brief write-up will teach you some of the basics needed in creating a website. This article is a step by step process for beginners.

Aside from being able to surf the net, it takes a few assumptions in accordance with your level of knowledge in building a website. There could be a number of technical processes involved if you wish to come up with a competitive business site, hence; it’s advisable to outsource the tasks to Website Development Services and Creative Design Services.

Find and snag that domain name

The initial step you need to take before doing anything else is to have your own domain name. This is the name of the site you are building. A clear example would be the domain name of this website which is “qurtglobal.com” However, having your own domain name does not mean that you are getting a website– it’s only to register the name of your business. Being able to have a name for the business does not equate to already having a real shop for it.

Select a web hosting for your domain name

A web host is the provider who owns a bunch of computers connected to the internet. When you book your web pages to their hosting, the public can access your website. You will need to sign up for an account with a web host for your web site to have its own base. If being able to register a domain name is close to having a name for your business, getting a web hosting account is almost close to renting the office space for your business.

Have someone to design your page

After you have created your domain name and registered for a web hosting account, the next step is to have someone design your website. If you are outsourcing for a web designer, you may probably leave out this step as the designer will be doing it for you.

Run a test for your site

After designing your site, it will be best to check on all the major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Yahoo. Regretfully, directly testing your site is the only way to determine if your website is fully working on your visitors’ devices. Also if you are using smartphone, check if your site is also optimized for mobile devices.

For people who aren’t using Windows 10, you have to install Microsoft Edge. As for Mac users, you don’t have to worry. You can always utilize an app called a virtual machine which copies a completely separate computer while you are using your own.

Final words

Keep in mind that the above tips are not that comprehensive. It is a mere run down of some of the basic steps you need to get your website up and running only. If creating a website is your only concern, this article is just about enough to put your site accessible on the internet.

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