A Few Tips on How to Market to Millenials

A Few Tips on How to Market to Millenials

Those born from 1981 to 1997 are known for being tech-savvy and well-educated. However on the negative side, they can also be impatient, may have really short attention spans, and want their demands to be gratified in an instant.

Millennials are crucial for any business. And if you don’t pay any importance to them, you might be left behind.

Here are ways to successfully market to our generation.

They Are the Mobile Generation

Part of website development services is to make the business website mobile friendly. About 80% of millenials use mobile device as their main platform. That’s a huge chance for profit that you might miss out on if your website has not been mobile-optimized yet.

Always keep in mind that it’s not just about your website. It’s also very crucial that your online content is also optimized for smart phones and tablets. Is your web content compatible for mobile devices? If not, you should make them so.

Being mobile-friendly isn’t just about catering to the whims of millenials. Optimizing your online presence for mobile is crucial because even non-millenials are on smart phones these days. In fact, Internet users spend most of their time online consuming media on their phone. Today is the time to start being mobile friendly.

They Prefer Things to be Personalized

Identify the personality of your brand like a best friend. Afterwards, share it! Your brand should have an image that is identifiable to your target market. It should have a look, a feel, and a tone.

However, just like the elders always told us, don’t try to pretend to be someone that you’re not. Just be transparent and direct about your brand image and what that image stands for and represents. Consumers will embrace your brand for being transparent and honest.

They Listen to Influencers

Kids these days are curious about what other people think about brands before they click on the “buy” button. So, businesses should give it to them. Also, some companies are creating technology to help those companies give customer feedback and review.

Below are some ideas to help show millennials that you have a credible and trusted brand. Check them out:

  • Post reviews on social media and your website.
  • Post videos of happy consumers.
  • Create case stories that show how your products and services provide solutions.
  • After each sale, gently ask your client in a subtle way to share their experiences with your product on their social media.
  • Create customer engagement via social media by responding to their comments, no matter if they are good or bad – just show that you care.
  • Be balanced and never overdo things. Show your street credentials so Millennials can see it, but keep the engagement centered on them.

If you haven’t already embraced the needs of the Millennials, we wish this article assisted in convincing you that now is the time to start. Remember, millennials today hold more purchasing power than the previous generations.

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