A PR Professional’s Guide to Sales and Marketing

A PR Professional’s Guide to Sales and Marketing

PR professionals have a crucial job. Just think about our main job description – public relations. That’s a broad term in and of itself, which refers to a very broad spectrum that embrace us, our market and all the people around us.

So when we talk about PR in general, especially with a lot of communications channels available these days, the true size of a PR professional’s job becomes a blur.

But, despite the magnitude of our jobs, there’s one “public” that PR practitioners seem to be intimidated with – the clients of our products and services. For a very long time, PR practitioners have done huge efforts to debate that PR is not digital marketing services, that PR should not be part of the marketing function, and that PR must not be connected to marketing and sales goals.

Now is the time for this issue to be laid to rest. The growth of the global PR industry fell by five percent two years ago, and the relationship between the client and the agency fell from 7.2 to 2.8 years. To put a stop to this downward plummet, PR people have to hold the steering wheel of the most important relationship of all – the one with clients. The market has the ability to spread our messages to all of the other audiences we engage with; or destroy our carefully crafted communications with just a bad experience.

It’s time to finally stand up and define our role in the field of communications – from hunting down prospects all the way the next levels: providing customer service and satisfaction. Do we need to claim these tasks as our very own? Nope. We’d never get things accomplished. But all teams that have front-line customer service roles need to be driven by PR.

Of course, who will have a firm knowledge of solutions for tackling common customer service issues, and establishing customer loyalty than us, whose main roles is grounded on building customer relationships? Why are we running away from the job? Instead, let’s take a look at what we must do.

PR guys, do your job and handle “public relations” to the best of your efforts. The opportunities are limitless.

Here are a few tips to help you get on your feet and do that PR job:

  • Study customer service survey answers and construct a blueprint to improve relationships. A good example will be integrating your social engagement team with customer support to boost customer satisfaction.
  • Check online product feedback and form a plan to improve customer loyalty. Let’s say, use common feedback as the start of a customer message board where you can get crucial insights for sales, marketing and PR.
  • Add sales communication cadence and lead generation when you create a content plan – and maximize that great content you’ve been developing to boost your business! For example, use social media analytics in sales emails to get third-party validation.

For decades, PR pros have debated about how they can show their worth when growth is actually staring them to the face. REAL public relations is willing to embrace THE PUBLIC, especially their buyers.

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