Are You Ready to Enter the World of Human Resources Consulting

Are You Ready to Enter the World of Human Resources Consulting

Are you considering becoming an HR consultant or being an outsourced HR services professional? This article will give you a brief rundown on what it takes to be a Human Resources (HR) Consultant.

Remember, HR consultancy may be complex, but it is a fulfilling field.

HR consulting covers:


Part of your job as an HR consultant is to define, plan and recruit employees to fill the talent pool needed by your client. This involves the development of job descriptions by determining the availability of competency and skills needed to perform tasks. Also, it is your job to identify the various processes available for acquiring the required skills for the right positions.

Training and development

It is also your task to create training programs to improve skills and competencies of the staff. This is part of a positive career transition plan for the staff so they will be continually challenged and motivated. It also supports the employee retention program and prepares them for any career transition.


It is your duty to create an effective compensation and benefits program to reinforce and reward employees with organizational performance and market benchmarking.

Why do companies hire HR consultants?

All companies, whether start-ups or established ones hire HR Consultants, so long as there are employees involved. However, the way a client taps a BPO may be dependent on their budget and the consultant’s fee rate. Don’t forget, most business owners will always try to get some advice and consultation for free, so save some of your expertise for when you are hired.

There is much camaraderie among HR consultants in order to share experience and even work on projects and assignments together, due to each expertise and strength. The natural character and personality of HR consultants, however, are individual minded pros with functional expertise and client management roles.

Being an HR consultant is a crucial role

As an HR pro, you play a very important role in the clients you serve because you have an unbiased third-party view of the organization and its management. Business owners naturally have high expectations of employees and employees have high expectations in terms of fairplay and just remuneration. As an HR consultant, having your own third-party view, you have the ability to interact with both groups. Having a wide range of experiences and exposure to different clients, you can provide alternatives and options suitable to both parties. For example, you can personally provide services to a number of small owner-operated manufacturing companies, and employer/employee issues were the main obstacles to achieving progress. As a third party, you can provide an avenue for both parties to start talking and working towards something positive, since you have the trust of both the employer and employees.


A lot of HR consultants say that they are not into sales. Yet the reality is that consultants must sell. So if you choose to enter this field, be ready to sell your skills and services and to convince clients to follow your advice.

Good luck!

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