Basic but essential web development hacks to improve your website

Basic but Essential Web Development Hacks to Improve Your Website

You may not realize it, but the design of your online storefront has a direct effect on sales. Even the smallest of design elements can affect conversion rates. This tutorial will guide you by showing you what web development services can do to your page to increase online sales.

Look at your page from a visitor’s perspective. Sometimes, web stores get too artsy or busy when it comes to design. Others use flash animations that can slow down the shopper’s browser. Still, others use color schemes that are total eye sores.

Here are a few basic tips on how you can turn more visitors into customers using some simple design tweaks:

Check if your visitor can easily see your “shopping cart”

If the customer adds an item to their cart, they want to have the peace of mind that the item was actually registered. Therefore, somewhere on the page at all times during the shopping process, your store should have an area listing the number of items in the customer’s cart and other relevant check-out information.

It isn’t enough to simply have shopping cart information somewhere on the page, however. Make it pop so it’s easier to find. Contrasting colors from the color scheme on the rest of the page is a good way to help the cart grab the attention of the visitor.

Make the most out of your “add-to-cart” buttons

Your customers respond differently to different calls to action. For instance, if your “add-to-cart” button says “more details” or “learn more,” our experience has been that customers don’t react to this kind of indirect call-to-action. An “add-to-cart” button that says “buy now” has a specific, direct call to action that elicits a much more positive response from shoppers.

Keep your product pages clean

How you organize your site’s product pages is a crucial part of ensuring that your customers are drawn in by the information that is most appealing to them.

Make your product images stand out. The shopper wants to see exactly what he or she is buying. After that, make sure to feature the product name, description and the price to get the customer’s attention.

Make it easy for visitors to navigate

One of the most important factors to consider in making a site easy to navigate is by avoiding hidden elements on the page.

Don’t be too artistic with your design of category and other navigational elements. Shoppers will always thank you through better conversion rates when you focus on convenience and ease.

Less clutter = better page

When your customer proceeds to the checkout, you want them to go in a very specific direction. So, when you’re designing your checkout, this is the time to remove items, such as left sidebar navigation to define a clear path towards the sale.

Single-page checkouts tend to have the highest conversion rates. Making the checkout process simple makes it easier for the shopper and is a great way to ensure that the sale is completed.

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