Win The SEO Game By Having These In Your Battle Plan

Win The SEO Game By Having These In Your Battle Plan

In the fast-evolving SEO consulting services scene, content managers dedicate a lot of effort in developing SEO strategies designed to hit their diverse marketing goals. However, there is a problem in and less focus invested on the strategies needed in creating such SEO strategies.

While there are different methods used in hitting SEO targets, the creation of how these strategies are devised should also be paid attention to.

Below we’ve listed some approaches you may use.

Creating a mind map to make things more organized

Mind mapping is the process of building your strategy from the bottom up. To put it in a simpler way, it’s the branching of categories from the center—that basically covers the general categories—out towards the more specific.

Don’t confuse it as the draft of your final strategy. Mind mapping is not about the end product but a means to create the end product. It’s a tool for developing a plan/s on how to attain the desired results.

Mind maps are necessary to help you organize your thinking process and help you combine ideas like pieces of a puzzle falling to their respective places. They also help lessen the stress of putting the brain to the grind, endlessly deliberating over strategy. Through mind maps, you can give focus instead on your creative process.

Create visuals to make your plans easier to comprehend

Once your strategy starts to takes shape, you will need a form of visual representation or document to validate it.

Always remember this. A strategy is a plan.

That means you have results and targets in mind, specific processes involved to attain those goals; some tasks you need to do in a step-by-step fashion as well as sub-tasks needed to complete each task.

Make this representation simple so that you can explain the strategy efficiently to your client and your colleagues.

You can utilize tools such as Google Spreadsheet to do this, but the tools you use don’t matter as long as it is easy to understand and edit.

Have a deep knowledge of the company behind your SEO project

Whether you work in-house or part of an offshore SEO services team, it is crucial that you have a solid knowledge of the background as well as the vision and mission of the company you serve. This is to make any your SEO plans work. You need to have knowledge of the unique selling propositions you can bank on in order to achieve the highest SEO value; what strategies will work best to suit the corporate brand image, as well as the hindrances in your way.

Know your target market and audience

You need to know and understand the demographic, and that doesn’t mean just knowing which keywords to use to tap them.

Are you engaging with an audience who know a lot about their subject matter and will bash or shrug off anybody who try to introduce something new to the market? Are you engaging with an audience who are still ignorant of the things happening in the industry?

Is your target audience in the consumer group or are they business partners. Are these people industry insiders, or are just clients wanting to buy your product?

Set your KRAs and KPIs straight

For your target to be practical and sensible, it needs to be exact, and for it to be exact, focus on the cogs that make the machinery work instead of the Pesos or Dollars you will spend in buying the cogs.

A plan is about hitting crucial targets that will have impact on the business, its future and how it grows, and the way how your company works. The metrics you set should be able to measure if the parts of the process work or if there are certain sticky points that need to be worked on.

Also, each member of the team should be able to understand and should agree on these metrics.

However, never underestimate the importance of task-oriented goals in contrast to KPI goals. The reason for this is that digital marketing, creative services as well as SEO, have an indirect impact on the measurable KPIs. For this, tangible goals such as hitting deadlines or click-throughs should be the basis of measurement.

This is a strategy that is more likely to result in actual optimization, instead of finding ways how to “doctor” the figures in the KPI score sheet.

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