Blogging Basics Finding Your Niche and Owning It

Blogging Basics: Finding Your Niche and Owning It

Welcome to the world of blogging. As a newbie, you can start a blog by writing about anything and everything. However, these types of pages might not turn out as expected.

The reason behind this is people search the Internet for one main reason only – to look for solutions. That problem may be to find something to kill time; or, it may be to find an answer to their problems. It could be anything under the sun. But when readers are looking for answers and your articles are nothing but ramblings on random stuff, how is your blog going to solve their problem?

Before we delve into the more technical stuff, here are some SEO consulting services techniques used in finding a niche:

Write About Stuff That You Love to Do and Write About It

Influencers will always tell you to write about your passion. This piece of advice may be cliché and a little unrealistic at face value, but there’s a reason for it.

If you go the less traveled path and choose a niche solely because you think it will rake in the cash, you’re bound to run into stress and burnout. Another disadvantage of going the profitability route is that you probably don’t know as much in those subjects as much as you do in something you really care about. If you don’t have an idea on what you are writing about, why would anyone care about your blog?

Different Ways to Find Your Passion

Still unsure on what you’re really passionate about?  Try this simple self-examination: begin with your primal instinct. Jot down a list of 10 different blog post headlines. If you can’t create 10, then this probably isn’t your niche. If you can come up with 10 but aren’t thrilled about actually writing the blog posts, then it’s worth considering writing about different topics.

If those 10 headlines click with you, consider writing up those articles on your computer before you begin creating your site. If you find it hard to finish those first 10 blog posts and are already cringing at the topic, then it’s the wrong spot for you. On the bright side, you didn’t waste time and money creating a blog that you would probably leave later.

Hunting Down Your Niche

Locating that niche can be intimidating at first, because, truly, there are blogs in every topic under the sun. No matter how bright your concepts are, someone has already written about it. But, if you look, you will find some holes and blind spots to be filled. Zero in on that need and fill that hole.

Own and Dominate That Niche

After finding your niche, your next step is to do a little bit more.

You can analyze your niche by infiltrating the community of that niche. By reading and commenting in other blogs in your niche you’ll have a grasp of what is being covered and what is not. After this, you can begin filling out the gaps in that niche by taking a new approach to some old issues.

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