Your Business Needs Media Relations… Here Are the Top Reasons Why

Your Business Needs Media Relations… Here Are the Top Reasons Why

Having an effective media relations strategy is a form of public relations. This currently embraces a lot of the digital marketing services and communications aspects that some PR firms operate on pure outsource basis only.

Aside from that, lots PR and corporate communications teams are focused almost solely on advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, lead generation campaigns, below the line marketing and, of course, social media related marketing.

However, when done correctly, media relations campaigns can give you unmatched results in contrast to external communications activity.

In this article, we’re going to look at the things that will help you get the most of your media relations projects.

Here are some awesome benefits from putting media relations campaigns smack in your PR efforts:

Gives Validity From Third Parties

Clients are aware that ads are just that – ads. Social media has been hounded by “fake news” and that customer feedback and reviews can be rigged with trolls and bots.

However, endorsements by clients are more legitimate when reported by media rather than if it is featured on your Facebook page. People trust media because they are third-party vetted.

Stronger, Muscle Packed Content

Your media relations activities go beyond the reach of your content at a higher level. They are also more cost-effective as compared to other media.

Veteran marketers with years of experience and success will attest that working with a media-centric form of marketing and PR firm can decide which are winning campaigns and which ones will lose the race. This can revolutionize your brand profile in the process.

The Value of Branding

The technique, of course, is to be able to communicate your brand identity effectively in your media relations activities. This way, prospective clients and customers will associate your brand with the products and services you offer.

The good news with this style is that taking the effort to get your messaging across also helps you build lasting relationships with media outlets.

What you want to happen is this: when a journalist thinks of the products and services you offer, your brand is top-of-mind and your bosses are called for interviews. This promotes your brand and gets you in front of prospects and customers.

Helps Generate Leads

As we contemplate lead generation, we visualize events or content marketing – using advertising, SEOs, web pages, instructional videos and viral content.

The aforementioned are best practices. However, as always, you need a little planning to ensure that content is also friendly to the media. This means it has editorial value to publications and can bring a significant push to your lead-generating campaigns.

As a result, media relations campaigns that are tied to marketing activities can bring in 10-50x more conversions as compared to standard advertising campaigns.

Gives Advocacy to Your PR Campaigns

To get a positive exposure from editorial coverage, you have to communicate to the media your company’s value in the industry.

Expound why you’re doing things as is and how it competes with and stands out compared to what your competitors offer.

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