Cloud, Apps and How Technology May Soon Take Over the HR Scene

Cloud, Apps and How Technology May Soon Take Over the HR Scene

The tasks assigned to HR personnel such as head hunting, recruiting, and training are time and effort consuming functions and yet are very important to any company. Take a moment to think of your business as a startup without its in-house HR team. Today, things are beginning to get more difficult as the fast-growing and evolving labor market is really intent on competing to hire the best employees in the field.

Now, what can a small business owner like you do to be able to compete fairly? The good news is that in this generation, technology has begun to shape the things we need to operate. Cloud-based apps have shown how effective they are in managing HR tasks such as hiring and retaining your staff. And even if you already have an established HR Department, these apps can streamline and improve existing processes which will bring in a lot of benefits for your business.

In the past five years, businesses from different sectors have begun taking their human resources systems into cloud-based platforms owned by players like Oracle and IBM, while third-party IT suppliers are have begun offering cloud-based HR and payroll services to their customers.

IT experts have stated that technology has finally come to a point where everyone who has access to HR software will be able to take advantage of the cloud which means that even the software used by HR is becoming optimized for mobile devices or going app based.

If we take a close look at what’s happening today, the HR technology industry is fast evolving as forward-thinking companies, mostly headed by tech-savvy individuals instead of HR specialists have started creating mobile apps that look and perform like or better than the productivity tools used by HR.

Highly qualified employees are now being signed by employers that have already shifted their HR systems into cloud-based apps and HR technology is fast moving to a different level.

Truth be told, there are businesses right now whose core cloud HR systems are being developed into new tools which can be utilized for project management, training and communication with staff— and these tools take the form of mobile apps.

Train and develop your staff whenever and wherever they are

For outsourced HR services, a growing sector that is always on the look-out for tech advancements, mobile apps are the way to go for companies looking for ways to replace old-school training courses for high tech tools that encourage staff to learn in a more convenient and learner friendly way!

Honestly speaking, most traditional online training materials are quite resistant to progressive change and may soon be scrapped since they cannot meet the fast-growing and evolving needs of the times. However, the more than two-decade-old training and development sector still use software that has become quite obsolete for millennial employees. App-based learning tools, compared to these are more interactive and are designed to harness and improve the skills of this generation.

Applications promote a healthy balance between work and life

Even the HR duties of gauging employee happiness and satisfaction can be handled by apps. With employers now seeing that staff are not as productive when they are bored and overworked, companies have begun creating technology that will assist employees in staying healthy and maintain a balance between their lives and work.  Due to the importance of having a healthy work-life balance, the demand for this technology is fast growing.

It is still highly debatable if app-based technology will replace traditional human resources, but like in any other industry, technology will help businesses develop and reach a higher level of success.

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