Cool Ways to Improve Your Payroll Process

Cool Ways to Improve Your Payroll Process

You can never deny that employing efficient payroll practices is highly critical to running a business. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small or big business, getting your staff paid on time and without hassles is essential to encourage productivity. Also, preparing your requirements and generally running an organized machine when it comes to your bookkeeping is required for the stability and sustainability of your company.

Recently, a number of established companies have chosen to go for outsourced payroll solutions, but many startup business do not have the budget to follow suit.

And the time may come that your payroll process is not sufficient, there is a good chance that you may lose profit and time. That’s the worst case scenario.

Automate Your Payroll

It’s the middle of 2017, so this part of the process should already be practiced by your company. But, if you have staff who are still drafting spreadsheets and doing things by hand, it’s time to completely move on. Not only is this cumbersome and inefficient, it also opens a lot of doors for you to commit errors.

Using an automated application for collating your timesheets together is the best way in order to do payroll conveniently these days. It reduces the chances of committing human error and saves you a lot of time. Aside from that, it provides you much cleaner and organized way of presenting your payroll data.

Create Clearer Payroll Policies

The more straight-forward your payroll policies are, the more efficient everything is to organize and compute. Some companies need complex procedures, especially if they have an outsourced team working in different parts of the globe.

Whether your policies are simple or complicated, they need to be very accurate in order to prevent confusion.

Create a Schedule and a Calendar That You Will Adhere to

If your team doesn’t have a clear, simple, and easy to understand payroll calendar, you are opening a can of worms for your team from the get-go. Drafting a schedule that informs you exactly when payroll activities are set to take place and following it strictly will help you and your employees in the long run.

Integrate Processes to Make Things Easier

Integrating your payroll process with other useful applications that you use regularly can make multi-tasking a breeze. Human resources consulting and payroll are so tightly knit that combining whatever tools utilized to keep track of your employees’ time and attendance, as well as vacation and sick leave requests with your payroll applications is the perfect thing to do.

Let Your Staff Give a Helping Hand

Allowing employees to assist in the payroll process will not only empower them, it will make things easier for your HR and payroll team. Also, there are applications now available online that allow staff to do their “time ins” and “time outs” by themselves and also let them plan their leaves by themselves.

By letting staff to do these easy tasks, you are saving your payroll and HR teams a whole lot of time and effort so they can focus on the bigger responsibilities that they must perform to grow your business.

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