Cool Web Design Trends That Will Be with Us For A Long Time

Cool Web Design Trends That Will Be with Us For A Long Time

The current trends on how people utilize the internet in their everyday lives affect how website design services create webpages and social media pages. The shift towards mobile devices, as well as the move towards interactive content encourages designers to look for ways to enhance the web experience while optimizing it on gadgets people use.

Let’s take a very quick peek at some of the web design trends based on how people use the web today.

In this article, we’ll take a glance at some aspects that are shaping the web design industry today.

Engagement, “likes” and “shares” and other forms of “micro-interactions”

From the moment someone presses the power button on their laptop to liking a photo on a friend’s Facebook page, we all perform a multitude of single-action tasks daily. These kinds of engagement are what we call “micro-interactions”.

Well planned micro-interactions create much impact because they have a powerful effect on a page’s analytics in spite of how simple they may seem. Things like posting a comment on a photo, liking a person’s Facebook status, or sharing memes are so common place we don’t even need to credit the websites where they came from.

If you do micro-interactions correctly, this strategy offers a new way to boost user engagement.

As web designers do their best to enhance user web experiences, more and more micro-interactions will occur.

Pictures tell a thousand words… why images are better than text these days

Written content is very crucial especially when we are focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but with every content you post on your website, there are things that you may want to keep in mind: Are your ideas shareable, are they interesting, or do they lead to engagement?

Text works best in minimizing the ambiguity that visual modes of communication are prone to. However, visual content like attractive images make your content more likely to bring engagement.

As web design aligns itself to this fast evolving world, the need for attention-grabbing, high-quality images rises. Strong copy strengthens any website, but if you can say things with a photo, infographic, or short video, it would be better.

If you want to create and publish content that will cater to everyone’s diverse tastes, always partner powerful text with interesting visuals.

In the world of web design, the age old adage “a picture tells a thousand words” is still relevant.

Utilize influencers to promote your brand online

The popularity of instructional videos in Youtube continues to rise. In my opinion, the relevance of “explainer” videos will only grow and become more relevant in the coming years.

Usually running for around two to 15 minutes, product instruction videos give viewers a quick, concise way to sell and show the merits of a brand’s products and services. With informative talking points and cool graphics to match, product videos are effective ways for businesses to sell their product to a wider market.

Keeping updated on online trends leads to success

The internet is full of innovative design and content strategies that you can use to enhance your social media pages or websites. But do not just follow trends just because they are the “cool” thing at the moment. Fads maybe popular, but make sure that what you embrace will work for your target market.

When you communicate your concepts with your outsourced or in-house web design team, always keep an open mind and try to see which fads or trends will work best for your website or social media page.

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