Crowdsource Like a Pro With the Following Tips

Crowdsource Like a Pro With the Following Tips

Crowdsourcing is an age-old marketing concept. Most business people have been asking customers to help them rebrand products and services for decades. We could even say that the often used focus group discussion (where we monitor consumers huddled in a closed room behind a two-way mirror giving suggestions about proposed concepts) is a type of crowdsourcing.

There’s logic behind this. As the lot of social opinion gives credence to advertising campaigns every minute, brands are utilizing anything at their disposal so they can get consumers involved in their campaigns.

Gather Immediate Input

As you begin to visualize your latest initiative, make sure you get response from your customers at the start of the project. Discuss with them and impart your thoughts. Listen to how they state their needs and make sure that what you are planning provides a solution. While this may not reflect traditional crowdsourcing, you are in fact reaping all the benefits by inserting customer feedback into your plans. I can assure you that the info will make you think and do things differently, thus saving you from problems that may arise later.

Get Feedback From Your Staff

Always remember that you are in the same building with a valuable crowdsourcing resource – your staff. Involve them in the development process because they are part of the front lines of your biz. They are in tune with your clients better than you, so get ideas from them. Gather their input and have them collaborate with you.

Have Several Options at Hand

This is a tip for those in digital marketing services, and it’s something I follow myself: don’t just make a single option. Always have at least two or three concepts and compare them side by side to see which one will work best for your goals.

The idea is easy: Don’t use up all your aces. Keep several options available, and keep a few different versions of your concept active throughout the production process until you are know which one works best. Then, when you’re sure you’ve selected the best one, you can pursue it confidently.

Keep Testing While You’re at It

It’s very crucial to continue to get critique as you build your idea. Show your clients and staff how your programs are advancing. Ask for their feedback and see if it’s hitting the target while you are still molding what it looks like. The final result will be much better as just a result.

Continue Correcting and Resolving Loopholes

Even after you launch a new product or campaign, the process is not over. You can continue crowdsourcing from your clients and your staff to see if it’s going the direction you planned. Check if it’s resulting in how you planned. You can use social media for this.

Then, be brave to make changes in real time. Repair what’s not working and improve on what is. By doing so, you can eliminate the concern that your efforts will end in vain and increase the odds that you’ll get the results you’ve wanted.

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