A Tried and Tested Battle Plan in Creating a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

Creating a strategy as well as allocating funds are key segments of every marketing team’s tasks. And for the digital marketing department, drafting a plan may be a bit harder due to all the processes involved. With these marketing plans, most outsourced digital marketing solutions teams spend a huge amount of time analyzing data, analytics as well as computing the needed funds to hit the required metrics.

Well initiated planning can be a major division between wasted funds or failed campaigns versus a high ROI, so drafting your strat plan and being dynamic with your team and budget are very important as you dive in to your digital marketing campaign.

As you draft your digital marketing strategy, here are some important points that you may consider.

How do you collate data to meet your end

There is a trove of accessible data about your target clients, audience as well as the competitive market, from keywords to analytics that gauge both reach and engagement. The highly critical part is to make sure you that you know who you are dealing with and the right places where you will be able to find them. Having a grasp of all these important info will give you the most detailed view of reach and engagement.

What kinds of data do you gather that matches your needs

Knowing how the customer moves inside your website will assist you in finding ways to convert these visitors into users and clients. You can get these significant insights by checking the data relating to your customers behavior. Use tools that monitor where your audience or target market engages with the most and use data to tap that market.

Once you know how your customer uses or engages with the pages on your website, you will really be able to enhance how you communicate with them to convince them to purchase your products. This will turn the user experience on your website into an enjoyable one.

Do you plan your budget for your digital marketing strategy?

What I usually see is that businesses begin thinking about creating a digital strategy but do not realize the entire process needed to make the strategy a success. You will need to plan your budget for necessities like having access to SEO consulting services for your SEO and SEM needs. To get a full picture of how or what you need to invest, you can always check out online resources that show industry standards in digital marketing expenditures which will give you an idea of how much you need to spend for tools and manpower. Your investment should also be flexible as it decreases or increases base on how your marketing campaigns perform.

Are you testing the strength of your content?

While you want to accommodate cutting edge concepts into the mix, there is a chance you might lose track of your KRAs and KPIS. Build a sense of urgency and be prepared to gauge the ideas that are being presented to you by the team. However, be lax about making a decision with urgency because it could cost you a lot of wasted money. Having a strategy on how to gauge the capabilities or success of a campaign will help you decide on your next steps.

Do you plan your digital marketing strategy well?

Content needs to be well-made and engaging no matter what the channel you are using is. You can no longer afford to view different platforms as separate pieces but look at them as part of the entire scheme; creating a holistic content marketing strategy is needed to make your digital marketing strategy plan work. For example, your Twitter or Facebook posts may be shared via a blog post, with SEO considered by using keywords, and can be used in your email marketing plan as well. Each platform and content should be able to work together, creating a solid foundation in which your marketing plan will stand.

Are your multi-platform strategies working seamlessly?

If you know how to use content across all platforms work together, you’ll be able to provide that seamless multi-channel marketing experience for your users and clients. As the clients logs off from your website, receives a newsletter via email, sees you on his Facebook news feed be it via desktop or mobile, the main take away here is that the customer experience must be consistent in all the channels you are using to reach out to your audience.

Turn the user experience into something that is as smooth and efficient as possible. Though this may not be that simple, having consistent content in all platforms leads to a better customer experience for both existing and potential clients.

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