Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Digital Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Over the years, digital marketing has helped many businesses to amplify their advertising tactics, increase their brand’s awareness and win over more and more customers. Digital marketing has helped organizations minimise marketing costs by converting all traditional ways of marketing to the modern ways of marketing and advertising.

Promoting businesses online has led to a tremendous increase in product sales and conversion rate. One good thing about online marketing that is far more advantageous than traditional advertising is the results are measurable. When you place your ads in the newspaper, there’s no telling how many people will read them or see them. Same goes if you place an ad on the streets.

Digital marketing gas evolved over the past years and a lot has been added to the thread of techniques, as well as trends. In this article, we listed some of the most significant digital marketing trends to look out for in 2017.

Content Marketing is Still King

Creating fresh and engaging content is still at the top of the trend, and, it has always been on top for years. The only reason why this trend is still present is digital marketing nowadays is dominated by content marketing strategies. Fresh, updated and useful contents are definitely in.

Marketing Automation

In a perfect world, marketing automation includes the use of software and other strategies that allow businesses to create personalised and useful content, generate leads, and convert prospect customers. But, in the real world, businesses that are using marketing automation have failed more times than they have succeeded. The reason behind this is the common misconception that marketing automation is the all-in-one solution for all the marketing needs of the business. Because of this belief, marketers tend to just buy out bulk leads from third party vendors instead of generating in-house leads.

When used right, marketing automation is still one of the best marketing out there. And by used right, we mean 1: recognising that marketing automation is not a one-stop-shop for marketing and lead generation; and 2: focusing the message of the campaign on the target audience as real and live humans. These principles will definitely help any businesses succeed in marketing automation.

Social Media Marketing

Though there has been an indication of decline in the use of social media in certain regions of the world, it still remains as a good avenue to market brands. Over the years, Facebook and Twitter – two of the most popular social media sites for marketing – has seen a decline in usage in the western market.

Social media marketing is a different game, Facebook and Instagram have shown us, marketers, that in order to “play” you need to “pay.” The more you are willing to shell out for your paid advertising on these social media sites, the wider audience you are going to reach, as well as getting more chances for brand impact.

Listed above are just a few of the trends that offshore digital marketing services are using. Taking advantage of the power of offshore digital marketing solutions is one thing businesses should take into consideration. Marketing, in the first place, is not a task for the faint-hearted; and, it requires a lot of experience to be successful.

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