The Dos and Don’ts of the Landing Page

The Dos and Don’ts of the Landing Page

For website design services, a website’s landing page is there for a single purpose: lead generation. Keeping this main objective in mind will help you keep things simple from the start. Remembering to follow these straightforward dos and don’ts will help you have an effective landing page and successful click-throughs.

Be Honest in Your Call to Action

If your CTA promises an epic download on Best Social Media Practices for 2017, those who click the link must not find themselves on a page that talks about “200 Vegan Recipes to Serve in Your Party.” Always see to it that the call to action your readers click actually brings them to the correct page.

Get Your Visitor’s Attention

The very first thing visitors will view on your landing page is your headline. So make sure that it will catch their attention and encourage them to engage and click. Headlines that are vague will not attract anyone to click.

Don’t Be Confusing

Make sure that your headline is not confusing. Also, check if the content you provide is not confusing. Once your visitor clicks your call to action, give them a very clear idea of what to do next, which is to go ahead, fill out the form, and purchase. Don’t fail any expectations by not making the CTA clear. Don’t tire them with a 3,000-word article that gives away every pro and con your offer has. A few quick bullet points that show what you offer will suffice.

Don’t Look Like a Scam

Since you are gathering personal info from visitors, it is very important that they trust you and what you are giving them back. Be straight forward by showing them honestly and truthfully what they’ll be getting back.


Keep it short and simple and put them above the fold. Don’t force your visitors to scroll way down to the bottom of an annoyingly long page before they reach the offer.

Include the Form in Your Landing Page

It can be quite challenging to get visitor information – in your mission to generate leads – if you don’t add a form where readers can input that information. Also, don’t bombard your readers. Keep the sheet short, and limit yourself to up to five pieces of the needed info.

The Landing Pages Must Take Them Somewhere Relevant

Have you seen a landing page that offers something epic but takes you absolutely nowhere after you’ve filled out stuff and then clicked to retrieve the good stuff? Where you end up in is the same page with a somber thank you note below the form you’ve just filled out. These kinds of transactions won’t build any trust nor bring in the business.

Include Your Social Media in the Landing Pages

Most businesses make sure to include social media sharing icons on articles or on the lower portion of their pages, but neglect to put them on the landing pages. Putting social media share buttons makes it very easy for your visitors to share and repost your landing page on their social media sites.

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