Easy Ways to Start Your SEO Consulting Services Career

Easy Ways to Start Your SEO Consulting Services Career

You might not have considered getting into a SEO career way back in college, but this job can be really cool if you‘ve learned how to pull the strings and get started working in an SEO agency. Most of the people I’ve worked with in SEO services love their job. And, if they’re not enjoying what they’re doing and the company that they’re in, they won’t have any hesitation moving to another higher paying SEO job.

Finding a reliable, highly-skilled, tenured, SEO professional may seem challenging for employers. In fact, there’s still a huge demand in the jobs market for people with the skill-set and experience. If you’re a fresh grad or looking to break into the fun world of online marketing, SEO may be the place for you.

Without further ado, here’s a quick guide for you if you want to walk the SEO world:

Learn the 101s and the Basics

If you want to be a step ahead over the other guys vying for that SEO position, there are some skills that will give you an edge over the competition. Being able to browse through a website and point out the SEO aspects that make the site an epic win or fail is a good starting point.

A good way to impress your future employer is by starting a blog in WordPress or by building your own website. Before going into the deeper aspects of SEO techniques, it’s important to know basic web development.

Getting your hands on WordPress web development is fun because it’s really easy to tweak and play with.

Read SEO Materials

If you hate reading, I have bad news for you. In SEO, or before you take the plunge, you’ve got a lot of reading to do. Good thing though, there are lots of cool websites that can give you lots of information about how to do SEO and SEM.

For beginners, I recommend that you check out the sites of influencers and the best bloggers who are the experts and authorities in all things SEO. Also, if you can find time to talk to the bloggers who run the SEO sites that you visit, chances are you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn and explore.

Find the Resources You’ll Be Using for the Job

When I was a newbie like you, I read a wonderful list of important tools needed for SEO – “The Internet Marketing Handbook.” It’s an exhaustively complete list and I read it whenever I want to refresh on my SEO skills!

Go out There and Apply for That SEO Job

Your next move is the most important move you’ll make if you wish to land that SEO career. Search for a company like QURT Global who specializes in catering to SEO and web development clients, or browse through websites like Linkedin or Jobstreet and get that SEO job. Good luck!

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