Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies That Your Business Must Embrace

Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies That Your Business Must Embrace

With us, millennials, tinkering our smartphones for more than 150 times each day, and the average Joe spending hours each day looking at their phones, mobile devices have overtaken TV as the leading form of media. Two years from now, mobile advertising will cover almost 80 percent of all digital marketing services.

With this in mind, if you are not doing anything to tap your customers through mobile technology, you’re leaving a lot of profit on the table. So how can you utilize the full potential of this medium to succeed in your business?

Below are some popular mobile marketing practices businesses should embrace in this mobile device era.

Tapping your customer based on their location

Location-based marketing has finally found its niche in the marketing world. Companies send clients notifications when they are near the area of a business or in places where the brand’s products or services can be used.

Marketing through mobile applications

With Google Play having close to three million and Apple having almost 2 million apps at hand, it’s a no-brainer that apps must give the end-user the most personalized service possible, or risk being dropped. In-app marketing helps your brand become relevant while creating engagement at the same time. These factors are the drivers for retention, as well as brand loyalty among consumers.

A good case we can look at the challenge is how India’s Federal Bank used this during the 2016 slump. After deciding to take advantage of in-app marketing, over 14 million citizens downloaded the bank’s new apps, and paperless payment increased by almost eighty times by being able to engage more than 260 million smart phone users in the country.

To get the most of those who downloaded their apps, the bank used in-app marketing platforms to effectively target prospective clients.

Use SMS in your marketing

The use of SMS to market your products has caused a lot of misconceptions, but with a huge percentage of individuals using texting as a way to communicate with their peers frequently, marketing is very important. Many big businesses such as Coca-Cola have resorted to using SMS to spread their message.

When a Domino’s pizza franchise in the US wanted to boost their advertising efforts in college sports, they used SMS marketing. As opposed to previous campaigns where no one bothered to even clicked on their website, having people use SMS for their promo created more engagement as people needed to text a certain number to be able to claim their prize.

Using data to analyse and create mobile marketing campaigns

The return of investment coming from mobile marketing has gone higher than that of desktop marketing. With billions of dollars spent in attempts to reach customers tied to their mobile phones, a scientific way to gauge the effectiveness of mobile campaigns is necessary. Using data and analytics assist outsourced digital marketing solutions in targeting and optimizing their ads more precisely.

If marketers don’t have access to the right data, businesses will experience some difficulty in coping with the changes in the market or knowing if their marketing materials are succeeding or failing.

Go ahead and do mobile marketing

The tactics we’ve mentioned above are very easy to do even by yourself. What’s more, each strategy gives your business the chance to boost visibility, grow and gain new customers in ways that appeal for their love for mobile media.

By embracing mobile marketing you’ll be able to reach your target customers and grow your profit by being where they are.

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