Helpful Tools for Payroll Professionals

Helpful Tools for Payroll Professionals

Being part of outsourced payroll solutions can sometimes be hard and challenging. From handling the distribution of wages and applying deductions, to implementing procedures that apply to leaves, contractor rates and other details – all the hullabaloo of doing payroll can put any business owner in shock. Not only that, but majority of the available payroll technology are too technical for ordinary humans. That’s why we’re presenting here small-business-friendly payroll tools that will help you perform your tasks while helping you save time and effort.


There’s no need to cry in the office being stressed over payroll. Have your employees and suppliers paid fast, and on the go, by downloading the RUN app. This application lets you access RUN, which is an online payroll service, through your smartphones or tablets. This app gives you the same features as the desktop version of RUN and you don’t need to have any technical or payroll skills to do your job.

As long as you have access to the internet, you can accomplish your payroll tasks with this fantastic mobile app. It gives you an easy way to handle and process payroll through a system that is totally simple to learn and use. Aside from just being mobile friendly, RUN is full of accounting and HR features, including giving you the capability to calculate your staffs earnings and deductions.

Snap Payroll

Calculating paychecks doesn’t have to be as complex as open heart surgery. Do it in a flash with the Snap Payroll mobile app.

There’s no need to slump over spreadsheets and technical deduction databases. Snap Payroll removes the headaches caused by calculating paychecks and doing your research. Simply pick the staff’s location and enter the hours they worked and their pay rate. This application will automatically calculate their pay and their deductions. Other features include applying and calculating disability insurance, as well as taxes. In addition to doing the math for you, Intuit ensures that your paychecks are always accurate by automatically updating the app whenever there are changes in payroll and tax regulations.


Having an accurate payroll solution does not mean that it has to be difficult and time-consuming to use. SurePayroll is an effective and easy-to-use online payroll tool that is suited for small businesses. With SurePayroll, you can perform tasks from calculating wages to l record keeping.

SurePayroll does your payroll and taxes by itself, saving you from all the headaches. SurePayroll gives you the power to pay your employees through these steps: entering the hours, reviewing the info and clicking on “Approve.” With this app, you have the choice of paying your staff either by direct deposit or through checks. Next, SurePayroll makes checking payroll taxes easy. The service will calculate, file and pay taxes by itself. It will also post payroll reports at the end of each year (which you can of course review and approve) to remove the self-processing time and provide you access 24/7. SurePayroll makes it very easy to do your payroll anytime, anywhere.

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