How To Recycle Articles Like A True SEO Pro

How To Recycle Articles Like A True SEO Pro

We know that recycling is making use of the same materials to come up with something that’s of another different use. Recycling a content is a fundamental skill that an offshore SEO services should have. While every skilled content writer tries to write from scratch using their own material and what they know about the project, often you will be asked by a client to compose something that is very similar to another article that has been published before. However, what really matters to you is to do your best to compose something new with enough information that’s not been mentioned or tackled yet.

Gather ideas for inspiration and spin one of your own

Do not fall prey to plagiarism. Plagiarism is grabbing someone else’s words, even ideas, and passing them off as your own. The act of copying the exact words is the most commonly spotted plagiarism issue but rephrasing the article often times gets a free pass. Nonetheless, it’s still under what constitutes as plagiarism. You only want to know the ideas raised by the author, but you need to shuffle them from zilch. What you can do is deviate from where your source is looking at, and shift to another angle and, from there, write your own idea. It’s like sitting on one same bus with your source, but you just take the other side of the bus to share another view to the readers, although both you and your source are heading to the same direction.

Rewrite based on the entire thought and not by sentences

Another step you need to do to prevent accidentally copying the exact words that another writer used is by not skimming through the content a sentence at a time. Look at entire chunky portions of the article. Your brain has a tendency to imitate the words used by another writer when they stick to reading small parts of the text. What you have to do is to make the content 100% yours, and by cutting through the original piece and hogging the meaty portions, you decrease the chance of accidentally copying the other writer’s article. Create a tree of thoughts where one thought branches out to another thought, and from there, you can elaborate it to an article of your own.

Feel free to revise the article

Make sure to remember that just because you’re rewriting you could just go ahead and copy the entire piece. If you have other concepts going on in your mind, or if you disagree with the points presented in the original article, go ahead and revise as you please. Let your concepts shine. Though it may seem that you are just “rewriting,” what you’re actually doing is just using an existing article as reference material. You don’t have to copy the concepts presented by the writer in the original article unless your client asks you to do so.

Put more meat into the article

If you feel like your article is going to create an impression as “plagiarized” from the original source, then find efficient ways where you can put in more ideas for you to own the article. Remember, you can always add more details to improve the content and make it truly yours. Do not be afraid to present fresh idea, take a different look at the same matter. A good content writer always looks at things with fresh eyes and take the readers with him, so they too can see these things from where he’s at. One single idea could branch out to large numbers of different ideas. Imagine if you have several ideas. Not only are you presenting a different idea but also enlightening the readers of something they haven’t really given much focus on. You can spin off one idea to it being educational or instructive or informative or entertaining. Take your pick.

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