HR Tips How Can We Improve Communications in the Office

HR Tips: How Can We Improve Communications in the Office?

As we all know, in human resources consulting, open communication is one of the most crucial issues in the office. Good communication makes the whole workforce feel heard and understood. And, because of this, everyone enjoys working in a positive and more productive workplace.

Improving workplace communication seems challenging at first, but once you have achieved it, success is not far behind.

Below are some tips to help improve communications in your workplace:

Pay Attention

It doesn’t matter if you’re conversing with one employee or five, paying undivided attention to the people you are interacting with will greatly improve how they receive you. How do you feel when you are in a conversation with someone whose eyes are completely locked on their cell phones? Lack of focus destroys the meaning of interaction. Always keep eye contact when you talk to people during meetings and always show your undivided focus to the people around you.


Don’t hog the conversation. If you do so, people will stop paying attention and the communication will be lost. Be careful with your words, avoid fillers and unasked for rants. Pause from time to time to encourage others to share their opinions. This will make your teammates feel that they have value and are crucial in the conversation.

Mind Your Actions

The way you use words is just a part of the message you wish to send to the people you are talking with. Your gestures and tone add heavily to the flow of communication. Keep a relaxed stance and always have a well-mannered facial expression when you talk to your team. Maintain eye contact and nod from time to time to affirm you are listening.

Take Note(s)

No matter how good or important the points you’ve presented in the meeting were, it will be possible that those who attended will not remember the information that you gave them. Before the meeting, assign a person to jot down the “minutes” of the meeting. After the meeting, send information as a bullet-pointed e-mail to remind the attendees about the important points discussed. Keep it short and simple so that the information will be easy to retain.

Encourage a Healthy Communication Exchange

Communication is basically an exchange of info. Don’t hesitate to explain and clarify your points. But relaying info to your staff is only a fraction of the whole. As an HR professional, it’s important to your staff that you are able to serve as an inspiration to your team. If this task may seem daunting to you, seek the advice of management or a coach to help you.

The outcome of good communication may appear in an instant. But, keep in mind that, in the long run, your business will experience the rewards of increased productivity. Also, it will be a good decision to talk to your fellow HR professionals, higher management, or a communications coach to discuss ways to improve communication between you and your team.

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