Human Resources Things We Expect in the Future

Human Resources: Things We Expect in the Future

These days, almost every business is riding the wave of digital transformation. Cloud computing, AI, and the popularity of automation have opened doors to change nearly every process of a business.

The same can be said about the case of human resource consulting teams. They are changing the way HR delivers the employee experience as something that is more employee-centric, advanced with the use of technology, and offers the staff something compelling and memorable.

By embracing a consumer and digital slant, new solutions are offered to solve age-old HR challenges.

Create a Compelling Experience for the Staff

For us, the definition of an employee experience is about staying putting in their shoes, being connected with them, and knowing when they have reached milestones. In the previous years, companies have started developing employee-centered strategies to improve the employee experience – taking into consideration the physical environment the staff are exposed to, as well as the tools and technologies needed to help them become more productive.

Embracing Consumer Marketing Strategies

As applicants and staff become more empowered to give their feedback on employers, we are seeing a more “open to feedback” setting. This is where staff can rate a business’ culture and management in the same way they rate restaurants, movies, and consumer goods. Today’s HR are starting to use consumer marketing strategies, which include design thinking and the analysis of sentiments to build a more compelling employee experience for the staff.

The Blended Workforce

In the future, the workplace won’t be just about having full time employees. Instead, it will be mixed, or composed of full-time staff, as well as third party suppliers, project based staff, freelancers, part timers, and other consultants.

Progressive HR bosses should create processes to prepare for a mixed workforce and be able to address concerns, such as the integration of full- and part-time staff.

The Employee Health and Wellness Trend

Businesses are making increased efforts to build a more holistic view of wellness, which encompasses their financial health status.

Applications such as Alexa by Amazon and Bluetooth-enabled beacons enable users to gauge if they are meeting their health and fitness goals without the need for a mobile device. Being holistically well is becoming a measurement of how we will perform – both in the office and in our personal lives.

There’s No “I” In Team: Team Development vs. Individual Development

In the past, HR departments have only focused on how to recruit, hire, develop, and assess individual employees and how they perform. Now, we are seeing the evolution wherein the focus is one of building the skills and intelligence of the team, and the acceptance that great teams deliver the best results. Huge achievements are accomplished by teams, not just by persons working alone. An individual staff’s experience is based on his experience as part of the team, though this may be different for anyone else. The goal now is to make team dynamics a priority rather than just focusing on a single person at a time.

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