Improve Your Website Load Time By Doing These WordPress Hacks!

Improve Your Website Load Time By Doing These WordPress Hacks!

Websites that have really bad load times can be very annoying. If your website takes a long time to load, chances are your visitors will turn their backs on your site, and by then, they’re already on to another page before your website loads.

Website performance may also have a positive or a negative effect on your search engine ranking. Aside from your website ranking higher, a lot of website owners report a spike in search engine crawls after improving their website’s speed.

In this article, we’ll get on to a few quick tips on how you can boost your website and improve the speed of its page load time.

Choose a WordPress theme that loads quickly

A badly coded website design which is thoroughly bombarded with images will definitely add unneeded weight to your website. It is quite common for some WordPress themes to have more megabytes in size. Such a design could slow down your load time by a few more seconds.

The best way to solve this is to go for a design that has been optimized for both mobile and desktop use

Make sure to regularly empty your trash

WordPress 2.9 came with the WordPress trash system. With this development, every time content such as comments, posts, or media have been deleted, they go straight to trash. After doing so, you have the choice if you want the deleted content to be restored or deleted permanently. It is quite an effective fail-safe system that assists you in recovering anything that you may have deleted by accident.

Trash takes a huge chunk of unneeded space in your database. The larger the database is, the longer it is to get information from it.

Keep in mind that WordPress automatically deletes trash after thirty days. You can lessen the cleaning time by modifying the wp-config.php file.

Optimize the images you use

Images truly help make it easy to chew and digest long pieces of text and can help your articles be shared more often on social media— but images also eat up a lot of space. Always remember that pages that are bombarded by pictures may take some time to load.

It is, therefore, mandatory that you or your WordPress website development team must optimize images before uploading to the website. Also, Photoshop lets you do this through the “Save for Web” option.

Choose your ads carefully

Be really careful about the kinds of ads you upload on your website. The ideal process of promoting a product or service on your website is to use links with images that have been optimized for desktop or mobile viewing. You can also improve on this by using links that use texts instead.

Ads coming from third-party advertising networks may increase load times due to interactions made through other servers.

Though ads are important, you need to have a balance between speed and income generation.


Optimizing is not an option; it is necessary. With search engines focusing now on factor which includes website loading speed, it is very crucial to your website’s success that it loads quickly.

Thank you very much for reading and we hope that you’ll have a faster website this 2018!

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