Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process

Improve Your Company’s Hiring Process by Following These Tips

One of the major and most critical tasks you’ll take on in human resource consulting is the hiring process. It’s a quite challenging and time-consuming process, which may end with monetary and reputational drawbacks if you make a bad decision.

Putting in the time and effort to hire the right person – who is someone who is someone with the skills and knowledge required for the position – with a personality that fits the company is important. Businesses that have succeeded in finding the best staff follow a process that includes finding highly qualified candidates, being able to evaluate their skills and capabilities in different areas, and finding the time to know who they are in diverse but effective ways.

Below are tips to help you create a better hiring process.

Improve Your Job Descriptions

If you don’t provide the right details, great candidates may be deterred from applying for your job posting. A majority of companies post highly-detailed descriptions filled with responsibilities and requirements, which according to research by the Wall Street Journal may actually turn-off qualified employees. Instead of doing this, put emphasis on what your business can do for potential staff – and you’ll find candidates who will fit your needs.

Use Social Media

Majority of millenials prefer to work for companies that are in tune with the latest tech trends. Based on a recent study, the 22-40-year-old demographic are more inclined to work for tech savvy organizations. Therefore, businesses will have to be updated with tech developments in order to retain staff and attract potential employees.

Another ideal way to tap into your digital side is to see to it that your career site is optimized for mobile devices. According to a studies held a few years ago, a growing percentage of adults have used their phones in one way or another when they look for jobs This includes job listing browsing and creating their online resumes.

Check a Person’s Social Media Profile

Like a majority of HR professionals, you will, most of the time, perform a background check on the candidate to see what type of person he or she is online. If you’re not scanning through the potential employee’s social media pages, you might be missing a crucial way of knowing the individual deeper as a member of your team.

Prepare Better Interviews

According to recent research by Leadership IQ, a number of failures shown by newbie staff may root from errors in the interview process. More than eighty percent of the five thousand managers surveyed stated that the HR interviewers were too fixated on other concerns, had time constraint issues, or didn’t show confidence during the interview to be keen enough to see the red flags candidates show while being interviewed.

As mentioned by Mark Murphy, Leadership IQ’s CEO, the reason for this is the job interview process only aims at ensuring new hires have the technical abilities needed to perform the duties. Meanwhile, interviewers are neglecting other crucial factors, such as emotional intelligence, personality traits, and coachability.

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