In house staff vs virtual assistants the highs and lows

In-house Staff Vs. Virtual Assistants: The Highs and Lows

Traditional businesses are so used to hiring staff to report to their physical offices and to perform tasks. Staffing In-house has certainly proven to be effective over the years, most especially during a company’s “start-up stage.” However, as a business grows, managing in-house personnel becomes more challenging. Acquiring additional personnel might not be as much of a good investment because owners end up paying for skills, which might not really be necessary. To discuss further, I will compare the benefits and weigh the pros and cons between in-house personnel versus virtual or online staffing.


In-house Staff

The company will most likely spend more money because hiring in-house personnel comes with many operational expenses such as office space, workstation and computer setups, and other aspects relevant to his job. The firm will also be liable for their personnel’s employment costs, such as vacation/sick leaves, taxes and other benefits. Additionally, business owners are expected to pay for the whole duration the staff member stayed in the office – without taking into consideration whether he was productive or just procrastinating the whole time.

Virtual Assistant

Offshore outsourcing virtual assistant services ensure that the company will get more out of their money. Virtual assistance is cheaper than having in-house employees because there is no longer a need to take care of operational costs since online assistants usually cover the other expenses and facilities. Another good point is that companies will only be paying per hour or per task completed depending on what the outsourcing and the virtual staff initially agreed upon.

Time Concerns

In House Staff

Having in-house employees will probably cause the management some major and minor issues regarding their working schedule. For one, the management and the employees will have to be in the same time zone – meaning that the business will be stagnant during closing hours. In times when employees are off duty, the company will usually not be able to tap their availability in times of need. This situation is not very ideal for a business with an e-commerce site that is running 24/7, unless you opt to hire an employee to work on day shift and another one at a later time.

Virtual Assistant

Relying on outsourced virtual assistant services will help to deal with shifting and schedule-related concerns. Virtual professionals will be able to work during off-hours and get tasks accomplished in time with the manager’s waking hour. To put it simply, no time is wasted. This could also spell success for the business since execs will be spending more time planning, running and making their biz grow instead of handling staff in the workplace.

Virtual Assistant-1 In-house Staff- 0, well sort of

The above facts prove that choosing virtual assistant services might be a better option. It allows the company to save up on money and time, which they can spend on other lucrative pursuits. Growth in business means different techniques should be tested and conventional strategies challenged. So why not give offshore outsourcing a try?

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