Why Keeping the Human Side in Digital Selling Gets Customer Loyalty

Why Keeping the Human Side in Digital Selling Gets Customer Loyalty

It is of universal truth that loyalty is earned, not gained. And for such to be earned, injecting the human side on how you reach out to your customers is key. The digital era has paved a way for digital marketing services to receive large amounts of data about our customers. Names, age group, demographics, but ticking these in our checklist doesn’t directly translate to deep understanding and meaningful customer relationship.

Instead of focusing on big data, focus on big relevance. The evolution in of digital marketing, in effect, has evolved human interactions in ways that’s either upsetting or alarming. Just because you have the complete details of your target market including their consumer behavior at hand, this shouldn’t drive you to bombard them with countless offers here and there. Similarly, you don’t start throwing in personal questions and engage personal discussions with people you just happen to brush elbow with in the line. It’s overdoing it. Data should be used to allow us to maximize marketing opportunities by staying not only relevant, but genuinely relatable as possible. As humans, we need to listen and exert effort to observe and data is only a tool to which our brand can do this and change the way we communicate to customers. Data should only provide the platform, but communication stays in the most human of ways possible.

Step into your customer’s shoes

A customer’s perception towards your business is, most of the time, the line that draws between acquiring a customer from keeping a happy returning customer. Don’t treat one customer as just another number in your data. Surveys revealed that majority of the consumers are unlikely to return from poor service experience. Also, never underestimate the impact of word of mouth. When putting a clever marketing message out there, stay relatable and as human as possible. Let’s have Nike as an example. Before Nike shoes were only targeted to marathon runners and then came the fitness craze. Everyone wants to try staying fit and exercise. Nike then came up with their famous line “Just Do It”. It was a hit. Why? People—humans –can relate to it. It was simple and relatable to those who felt hopeless to exercise or discouraged to maintain their fitness routine. And don’t we all still feel that way from time to time until now? Just do it, Nike said. Nike, indeed, stepped into their customer’s “shoes”. Address a reality problem and put yourself in your customer’s shoes and send a message that connects with them on the emotional side because human as we are, that’s very hard to ignore.

Give more attention to your CSR

Your Company image relies heavily on your Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors. Customers like more to avail your services if you take the non-business thinking off the equation. Put on the philanthropic hat and support nonprofit organizations gearing towards community change or aid. Stay active and engaging in donations, volunteers, program initiatives, donations, or sponsorships with partner communities. If your company can come up with training and development services, then why not include training your employees to effectively communicate with the people of your partner communities. This send out a celebratory message to your customers for an overall good reputation that’s breaking away from a typical all-for-profits business image. You can then reinforce this by publicizing your CSR programme. You can positively spin your company image and appear favorable into your customers’ eyes. Things brings out a positive image and builds genuine customer relationship—given you stay genuine about it.

Break down department walls when dealing with customers

Customers don’t care if their problems belong to marketing or sales or whatever departmental designations your company sets. They just want their problems solved. Get rid of that by-the-book attitude of checking sections and task delegations, and just come up with a solution as one team. Customers couldn’t be bothered who addresses their concerns. By staying in the human side, addressing the concerns is what matters.

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