Key Skills to have in Outsourced HR Services

Key Skills to have in Outsourced HR Services

When we screen a potential employee, we HR professionals check if the candidate conforms with a list of key skills and personal characteristics essential for the position. Let’s do a bit of role reversal and see how that criteria will look like should we be the ones being appraised for an HR job.

Are you ready? Here’s the checklist.

You are organized.

Having an orderly approach is one of the key skills you need to have to be an HR pro. From being organized in filing documents, to having a strong skill in time management, to being efficient in juggling tasks, you should be able to fit everything in a tight schedule if you want to survive. In HR, you are handling the careers and on-the-work lives of people, and when a management asks you to assist with a training and development program or a reward system, you are not in any position to say, “I’ll do it when I have the time”.

You can multi-task.

In the world of HR professionals, you will have to deal with a lot of tasks that need to be accomplished within the same timeframe. The internal demands of a company are fast-paced. A manager who wants to promote someone does not even bother if another supervisor is asking you to do a check on his team’s attendance issues. As an HR personnel, you need to be able to accomplish these, pronto!

Your negotiation skills are on point.

Since you will be working with a diverse team of different working styles and personalities, there will be a time when you would need to negotiate. In a company where there is a multitude of opposing views, you should be able to stand on a middle ground. Keep in mind that the main goal of negotiation is to end a conflict where the two opposing sides will have an agreement to meet halfway and are both satisfied and, believe me, it ain’t that easy.

You’re an excellent communicator.

As an HR professional, you must be able to “let the message be heard” to all members of the organization from top management, to managers and superiors, and down to the rank-and-file staff. And they have to do it formally, documented— in writing. Aside from that, you should also be good in terms of face to face engagement, written and oral communication and recently, through social media channels like Facebook.

You’re discreet, fair and ethical.

The human resources team serves as the conscience of the business. You also serve as the vanguard of confidential and legal matters. As you serve the needs of the bosses, you also check how the top brass treat their staff. You need to be able to do something if people are going in the wrong direction and such responsibility is not a walk in the park.

Keep in mind that as the keeper of all things confidential, you should have the ability to hold back from divulging sensitive matters.

You’re objective in making judgments.

Most members of the organization expect professionals in human resource consulting to stand for their concerns, yet you must also balance it with making sure that everyone adheres to company policies. Learn how to do this balancing act and you’re already sure that you’ve won half of the battle.

There are crucial moments when it is your job to fight for the staff, and there will be times where you will stand by the rule book and give them the axe. Though some of the things that you are required to do may not be popular with the staff, keep in mind that you are just doing your role for everyone’s good.

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