Knock out Boredom with These Sure-Fire Tips

Knock out Boredom with These Sure-Fire Tips

As people working in digital marketing services, we are often left staring at our screens – sometimes for several hours. At times we end up being frustrated, tired, or worse, stressed out over doing nothing. In fact, once we are bored, we feel that we have fallen into an emotional trap.

If you want to escape the clutches of boredom, here are some life hacks you may follow:

Be Curious Always

Boredom is often the result of losing curiosity. If you end up being bored with the tasks at hand, try reading a magazine or watching a video, which focuses on something kind of different from what you are doing, yet, has a related driving force that will inspire you to carry on.

Another strategy is to try looking at the purpose of the tasks you are doing through the eyes of the people who will benefit from it.

Go Beyond Your World

If you find yourself feeling bored of something, try going beyond what you are doing. For example, if you are in creative design services and you find yourself yawning over doing a page layout, try reading art books or attending an art exhibit. What you will discover may inspire you to add substance and experiment on what you are currently doing.

From time to time, it would really be great if you check out the Instagram feeds of your favorite artists.

Have a Sense of Humor

There is nothing fun about feeling trapped at work. Find something that amuses you. Also, keep in mind that there’s no room for boredom where laughter exists.

Go Outside and Walk a Bit

Here’s a personal tip that really works for me. Whenever what I am doing in the office bores me, I ask permission from my boss and I grab my laptop to work somewhere else. I usually go to a coffeeshop or somewhere that’s chill with Wi-Fi. A change in environment can motivate you to continue what you are doing.

Going for a short walk or simply stepping out can refresh your brain cells, refresh your mind, and get those creative juices flowing.

If your hands still refuse to type or draw, just walk for the sole purpose of walking. You’ll be surprised at the fresh perspective you may experience while you stroll down the mall.

Familiarize Yourself With New and Strange Things

There are lots of ways to put a fresh perspective on whatever you are doing. Try looking at the task at hand through the lens of a film maker or a novelist. Try looking at things through the eyes of your boss or your creative director.

Another way is by looking at your task as a beginner or a novice. By using this perspective, you will be forced to discover new things to accomplish the task at hand. Sometimes it is just too much familiarity that bores us.

Remember What Nike Keeps Telling You: JUST DO IT

It does not matter if you are bored or not. The task given to you must be accomplished no matter what. If you are bored, don’t stop. Just put one foot forward then another. Sooner or later you’ll reach the finish line.

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