Make Your WordPress Website More Attractive With These Tips

Make Your WordPress Website More Attractive With These Tips

A rule of thumb in WordPress website development: How your website looks like really matters.

During the first few seconds of viewing a website – if the logo, fonts, colors or pictures are not visually appealing – your visitors may leave without checking your content. Also, you need to remember that design may hint at credibility.

Here are some tips to help you create a beautiful WordPress site:

Use Attractive Images

Pictures may make or break the look of your site. An unattractive taste in images is one of the most common flaws I see in new websites. If you want to use images, don’t be a cheapskate – it will show negatively on your brand.

Nice images are going to cost you some money. Great images are going to require you to shell out more than a few dollars.

Your Use of Fonts

The use of good fonts is very critical to the look, credibility and most importantly, the legibility of your site. If you want people to check your content – make it easy to read.

To be safe, use fonts such as Helvetica or Arial. These fonts are widely accepted and have stood the test of time. If you’re not a pro web designer, and a font looks “dull,” that’s probably the most foolproof way to check if it’s a good font.

Color Scheme

Unless you are an expert in color mixing, getting too artsy with the color scheme on your page may end with a tragedy. It might look like a kindergarten finger painting.

If color isn’t your forte, try to use 2 neutral, contrasting colors (it’ll be nice if you use black and white) with the sparse use of 1 highlight hue across your site.

Use a Good Logo

Your company logo is more than just a symbol at the top of your page – it’s the face of your business. That’s why companies like Pepsi dole out millions of dollars for logo re-branding. These companies understand the value of having a nice logo, and why it’s important for their brand.

Keep things as simple as possible if you are going to make your own logo without any experience.

Just please don’t ask just anybody to create a logo if you pay importance to the appearance of your site.

Cut the Clutter

Less is better. When a site contains too much mess, the focus of the content gets lost in the busy background.

While advertising might be a crucial factor in creating a profitable site, bombarding the page with Google AdSense on every post will not result in return of investment. Position ads wisely, and only if your page is getting enough traffic to ensure that you need to put advertisements. If you’re just a newbie, the focus should be on what’s posted on your page. There’s no such thing as an overnight hit when it comes to creating a website.

An attractive site is peaceful and does not bombard your senses.

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