How To Make your WordPress Lit

Make Your WordPress Website Lit By Following These On Fleek Tips

Here’s an important advice when it comes to WordPress website development: The way your website visually looks is very crucial in how visitors will perceive it.

The first few seconds one sees a website, how the logo, fonts, and images appear to the visitors matter. In fact, visitors may leave without reading your content. Also, you need to put in mind that design may also add some credibility to your page.

Below, we’ve listed some really cool tips to assist you in creating a stunning WordPress based website.

Use attractive images

How you choose to use images may make or break how your website looks. Having a really poor taste in visuals is one of the most common flaws I’ve noticed in some websites. If you prefer to use images, don’t compromise quality for price — such mindset will reflect badly on your brand.

Keep in mind that high quality, attractive images are going to bite a chunk out of your budget. Beautiful pictures are going to have you spend than a few dollars.

Be careful with fonts

The way you use readable, well-selected fonts is very critical to the overall look, credibility and also to an enhanced customer experience. If you want visitors to read your content — make your text legible.

One of the basic ways to do this is to use readable fonts like Arial or Helvetica. These fonts have been proven by web designers and have been around for so long. If you’re not a professional web designer, and a font looks quite un-appealing to you, then don’t use it.

Good choice of color

Unless you are a pro and your thing is into color mixing, getting way too hipster with the color scheme on your page may not end well. Worst, it may end up like something a kindergarten student made.

If matching color isn’t your expertise, try using two neutral, contrasting colors while sparingly using one highlight color across the site.

Good logo

The logo you choose for your business is more than just a symbol people see on top of the page— it’s a visible representation of who your business is and the values you stand for. There are reasons why companies like Pepsi spend millions of dollars for a logo reboot. Big companies know the value of having a nice logo, and why it is crucial for a brand.

Remember to keep things as simple as possible if you are designing a logo without expert help.

And if you are going to spend money on a logo, always go to the pros.

Keep things clean and free of clutter

In web design and development, less clutter is better. When a site looks way too busy— the focus of the content disappears in the messy background.

While advertising might be a plus factor if you want your site to earn extra, filling the page with Google AdSense on all your posts will not rake in the profit. Think of where to place ads where they won’t clutter the page and only put advertisements if your page is getting a good flow of traffic. If you’re quite new to the business, the focus should be on the content. Remember, an attractive website that appeals to the visitor is one that does not bombard their senses.

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