Outsmart Writer’s Block with these Hacks

Outsmart Writer’s Block with these Hacks

A person who works in SEO consulting services is always plagued with this question: “What do I write next?” A lot of writers have been there and it’s a pretty scary place.

To fight this feeling of dread and uncertainty, today we’re going to list down some well-known writer’s hacks to come up with great articles even if you’ve totally squeezed out your creative juice.

File Your Concepts

The best ideas always come when you don’t expect it. That’s why you have to take note of it once it comes. Create a spreadsheet file where you can dump these sparks of genius.

Once an idea hits, write it down. Keep on doing this and you’ll have a treasure trove of concepts when you need it.

Stealing Is Fair Game Here

One of the best techniques you can use in learning to write is to keep exposing yourself to the work of writers you want to be like. Never hesitate to steal strategies and ideas from people if you think that it works well. There’s a lot you can learn from other people, especially successful content creators. Writing styles, topics, the use of pictures – there’s a lot you can steal, as long as you don’t actually steal their content. Plagiarism is bad and you will go to hell for it. Seriously.

Also, keep track of how your competitors write.

Get Ideas From Your Audience

It’s more efficient to let the concepts flow towards you instead of hunting for that grail idea.

Read the comments people leave on your Facebook posts and on your articles.

Take a look at what they are talking about. What are their problems that you may be able to solve? What are their daily concerns? The comment section of your content is a gold mine of concepts.

If All Else Fails, Check the Internet

When writers get stuck with writer’s block, what they do is look around for inspiration in the Internet. Check what’s trending in social media and in the blogosphere and see if something will catch your fancy.

Tap Into Someone’s Brain

If your brain is not working, maybe it’s time to borrow ideas from others. Who are your heroes in the scene whom people may want to learn from? Call them up or send an email and check if you can do a one-on-one with them. The main challenge here is to create interesting questions that will keep your interviewee talking.

Flex and Work out Your Brain Just like How You Train Muscles

Constantly coming up with great concepts is just like bodybuilding. If you do it often, your muscles grow bigger, stronger, and more defined. Try writing content daily and soon you’ll notice that writing becomes natural.

Follow Through Steps

We all have great ideas for content. The most challenging part, though, is organizing them in a way that you can execute your plans of writing them down. Hopefully, this article helps you kick-start your writing and get those creative juices flowing.

Ready, Set… Write!

  • Gather your ideas in a spreadsheet.
  • Add ideas to it often.
  • Use this list as your guide when you’re stuck.
  • Check out what people are talking about in the Internet forums.
  • Don’s be scared to steal or borrow ideas.
  • Don’t hesitate to write and publish that article.

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