Web Development Outsourcing Means Less Hassle

Outsource to Web Development Services… Minus the Hassle

Below are some steps that our own experience as a web development team has taught us throughout the years. Read this to know what to do when outsourcing your web projects. This article should help you in planning to take your web development project to a third-party supplier of your own and how to manage and monitor it until the project reaches completion.

Check the Scope of the Project and Client Expectations

Is your client looking for a quick reformat of his current site with more up-to-date design and a page structure that’s easier to navigate? Or are they after a complete overhaul that will upgrade his current page site to five times its current size?

Knowing the size and the in and outs of the project and what your client has in mind for his new site lets you properly gauge how much time and budget it will take to finish the project so you can get rid of unwanted twists later. You definitely don’t want to go back and ask your client for more cash.

This stage in the project is also the right time to know what type of resources your client has once his site is completed. Also you need to know the kinds of custom functionality their company needs that might need custom programming.

You get the picture. Delve into as many precise details as you can with your customer. It will prevent problems that may pop up in the future.

Choose the Right Outsourced Team Depending on How Big the Project Is

Once you know the type of the project and your client’s needs, you can better determine what type of tools you will need to utilize. For example, if you are doing an outsourced web project, you have to be totally decided that you have chosen the right partner that has the needed skills to successfully accomplish the tasks.

Of all the steps I mentioned, this is the most important. Choosing the wrong partner falls directly on you as the project champion and the one who has a relationship with the client, so choose your partners intelligently.

Never Go Beyond Your Services When Estimating Costs

Since you are depending on your outsourced team to keep the project within the projected costs, be sure they are well able to understand the scope and are very detailed in determining timelines.

Give Precise Directions

Once you have outlined the estimates for the project and it gets approved by your client, it’s time to transfer the tasks to your outsourced team. Make sure to be as detailed as possible when you give them the directions they need as you begin the project. Show them examples of design images and programming examples, as you or the customer wants it to be. And, if they have images and concepts of their own to share based on their understanding of the project, let them share their ideas.

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