Outsourced Virtual Assistant Services

What You Need to Know About Outsourced Virtual Assistant Services for Your Growing Business

Big bosses of the world’s top companies proclaim wonderful things about working with overseas virtual assistant services, and they are perfectly right about it. VAs can assist you in getting more tasks done because they work on the other side of the business that you need to cross out of your to-do list while you work on the meat and potatoes that only you can do – like growing your biz and other necessary stuff.

But finding the perfect virtual assistant to stand up for the job doesn’t come too easy. Like any professional field, it is a craft that must be honed and perfected. Over the past decade, I’ve worked with several virtual assistants and had experienced working with the exceptional – from the “will do” all the way to the worst.

Finding the perfect VAs to help you get more done does not necessarily require you to have a PhD on VA hunting. Hopefully, the tips I outlined below will help you find the best assistant for your growing team.

Don’t Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant Unless Necessary

One of the initial things I learned when I hired that first “pain in the a** VA” was that I wasn’t aware of the responsibilities I have to embrace when hiring an assistant. I didn’t have the faintest idea of what that assistant must do, I just jumped into the conclusion that they would know what they should do the moment they hop on board. I also had very little time to teach and develop my assistant, so in the end, they just ended up lost in the process.

Before deciding to hire your first VA, be sure to have a clear idea of what role and duties you will assign to them. I currently make sure to keep track of every not too necessary task I do in the office so I know what I may outsource to them. Once I’ve determined the types of tasks that I can pass on to somebody, that’s the time I hire a VA.

Consider Hiring a Virtual Assistant like the Life Your Company Depends on One

Admit it. Some VAs in the market are going to give you headaches. It’s not because they are VAs, though, but it is because they are flesh and blood humans.

If you’ve ever had to build your team before, you’ve probably found out that less than 10% of the candidates are worth keeping. Most are simply better off handling other tasks in other fields. So why do we expect that VAs are any different?

Keep in mind that you wouldn’t hire a senior manager for your company after a five-minute Skype interview, so why would you hire a virtual assistant by doing so? Sure, the manager may cost way more, but in reality, the assistant is very crucial in growing your company. Yup, you read that correctly. A VA should be one of your most crucial acquisitions since they assist in freeing up your time, which is worth far more some managers or anyone you are hiring – they are your extensions as a business owner. So treat your virtual assistant role like one of your company’s rock stars – since they just may be.

A VA can make your life as business owner easier, freeing hours of your day so you can focus on the tasks that will take your business to greater heights. But if you think you can simply hire any other VA and boost your business, you are making a huge mistake. Instead, prep up, build strong business processes, and hire only the cream of the crop.

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