Popular Payroll Management Apps for Your iPhone

Popular Payroll Management Apps for Your iPhone

Offshore payroll services are crucial parts of both big companies and small enterprises. For payroll management, the system that you use is very important in how your team operates.

Since everything seems to be controlled by technology, payroll management also depends on technology to operate. As of today, we have different technologies and tools to manage the system and the payroll processes you need to perform.

Now, you can have payroll management apps handy in your own iPhone and iPad. In this article I’ve listed the useful pay roll processing apps that would really be useful for those involved in the outsourced payroll solutions industry.

Here are some of those apps and a summary of their best features:


  • It is compatible with iPhone.
  • Best for small businesses.
  • Even payroll administrators can use this.
  • It is a very efficient, intuitive payroll app.
  • You can pay your employees periodically by the help of predefined pay rates.
  • Can calculate state, federal and local taxes.
  • It provides your staffs’ details like contact info, photo, and pay roll information.
  • It also allows you to view information about employee report and company pay roll information.
  • You can distribute pay to different employees who perform more than one job.
  • You can calculate employees’ earnings and deductions.

myPay Solutions

  • Compatible with both iPhone and iPad.
  • Lets you perform a variety of operations in real time.
  • You can enter time for current pay period.
  • You can also view historical time entered prior pay periods.
  • It fits well for both small businesses and big companies.
  • You can view and update information directly from your iPhone.
  • It is very useful when you need more than a payroll system.

Online Payroll

  • This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  • You can make your E-pay on E-taxes and E-files in all states.
  • You can make direct deposits to your employees, which is free.
  • It will give you timely reminders on upcoming payment and about deadlines.
  • It provides bank level security for your data.
  • You can also view your past pay cheques.

Penelope Payroll

  • Compatible with both iPhone and iPad.
  • It has a “news” section that can be directly updated.
  • It is very helpful and handy when you need it.
  • It is ready to provide professional advice and guidance about business.
  • Additionally, it gives you bits of information that can help improve your business.
  • It will fit for those who wish to gain more expertise in pay roll management.

Pay Check HD

  • It is designed for both iPhone and iPad.
  • Pay Check HD is suitable for small business payroll.
  • It allows you to calculate your salary on both monthly and hourly basis.
  • It has social security and Medicare taxes, as per 2017 calendar.
  • It will update automatically, even if there are changes in taxes.
  • This app functions based on US federal withholding.

Payroll Calculator

  • It is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.
  • You can consider this app for its interface, which allows you to make fast pay check calculations.
  • Using this app, you can calculate commissions, gross payments, deductibles and salary conversions.
  • It also includes detailed formulas for easy references, when you wish to do manual calculation.
  • If you are a payroll professional, then you can use this app to gain more skills and knowledge in payroll management.

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