Powerful Copywriting Tips for Your Website

Powerful Copywriting Tips for Your Website

I often see mistakes being made all over the Internet – from Facebook status messages to the latest product description in an e-commerce store. The basics of SEO consulting services, such as spelling, grammar and punctuation, are slowly becoming a dying art in the digital age. In this blog post, we will discuss some basic copywriting tips to improve your website.

To impress and woo your customers to know more about your business, stop doing these:

Stop Using All-Caps

I once had a boss who would leave “inspirational messages” on my Friendster page (that was way, way back), and yet disregards to turn the “caps lock” off. I had to bluntly, but in a polite way, tell him to stop it in person; when he asked the reason why, I simply told him, “IT SEEMS LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING!” And, that’s what using “all-caps” is equivalent to: shouting at prospective clients to get them interested in what you’re selling. Stop. Just stop it.

Be Mindful of Exclamation Marks

No. Stop doing it. If using all-caps is equal to shouting, the use of too much exclamation marks is synonymous to bouncing up-and-down while throwing your hands in the air. It’s like trying too hard to get the attention of your reader.

Not Consulting the Dictionary in Times of Doubt

If you’re not sure about how a word’s meant to be spelled, or in what context it should be used in, use a dictionary or Google it.

Be Cautious About Using Bold Text

Used carefully, bold text can call attention to what you need to inform your reader about. Having whole paragraphs of text in bold, however, will lead to having your potential’s customers’ eyes bouncing off the screen, as your message won’t drive home. Less is more in this case.

Weird and Inconsistent Fonts

Always keep your font of choice (and its relative size) consistent throughout the page. Having your font change in the middle of the paragraph – and suddenly shifting from large to small and large again – will end up with your copy looking like a nu-metal album cover from the late 90s. Trust me, no one’s gonna buy from a page that looks like a Limp Bizkit fan site.

Copywriting Tips

There is a huge amount of poor copywriting in the worldwide web. But, what I mentioned above are the most blatant examples of how not to go about it. Like any other forms of writing, it takes time and practice to polish copywriting. It’s rare that the newbie copywriter can hit jackpot with an award-winning call-to-action copy that sells like magic.

Research on what have worked for different brands, and use them to your advantage. A good place to start is by studying the solicitation copy used by DC Comics and Marvel in order to sell their products. We are talking about more than 50 years worth of perfected, descriptive, witty copy to read in various pages across the Internet (Check out Comic Book Resources) that you can apply to your copy if you want to be a copywriting superhero!

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