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Proven SEO Techniques for More Page Visits

Do you want more people to visit your page? I will give you a few tips on how on how to make your articles searchable through what we call in digital marketing services as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a technique where you use keywords that will help your articles (and of course, your website) appear on top of search engines such as Google.

The first step in SEO is researching the keywords

Find out out what words are used by the people you want to visit your site, and then use these words in your article. Use these keywords in the first few words of your page title because this is the most important bit of the page from the perspective of a search engine.

Focus on ease of navigation

Here’s another SEO consulting services secret: build clear text links to all parts of your site. Search engines can’t follow image links or clever animated links like Flash or gif – they like their navigation plain and simple and so do many users.

Use links from relevant sources

Your site won’t rank without links. Links must be relevant to the content of your site and they must be from clean, reputable websites.

Don’t forget the technical stuff

Truth be told, there’s a lot happening technically in the background that can cause problems with the way the search engines see your site. Let’s look at this example, if you use a cheap web hosting company, you might be bundled on to the same web server as a smut site that Google really doesn’t like. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. Also, does your website use techniques that search engines don’t like, such as certain types of redirection? If in doubt, ask your web design company.

Check your performance and progress through a web analytics program

There are lots of options for you to choose from. However, I recommend Google Analytics because it is easy to use, versatile, and it’s free. Web analytics can tell you a great deal about how people interact with your site and how much traffic the search engines are sending you.

Make search engines aware of your online presence

Submit your site details to search engines. This doesn’t guarantee a better position in the results, but it surely helps. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all have a facility to submit a list of all the pages in your site.


Build great content and keep them fresh – such is the way of SEO. Search engines love sites, such as blogs, which are highly topical and regularly updated. But, always remember to put your visitors first – at the end of the day, even a site that ranks well and gets lots of traffic is no good if the visitors can’t find any redeeming value in your page.

These are my top SEO tips. There are many others, but these are tried and true methods to get your company moving in the best direction – and that is at the top of the search engines.

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