Quick Tips on Social Media Safety

Quick Tips on Social Media Safety

As the generation whose careers revolve around digital marketing services— social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram have become important parts of our lives. Social media channels, in the past decade, have been an effective marketing and communications tool, but since our (and our client’s) private information is connected to these sites, it’s only imperative that we tread with caution.

Here are a few social media tips that may help you and your clients stay protected from cybercrime.

Use privacy and security functions of the channels you use

Learn how to use the privacy and security settings of the social media channels that you are using. They are placed there to assist you in monitoring and filtering those who can access your page.

Be wary of what you post online

What you post on the internet stays on the internet. This is a given fact. What you post on your Facebook page, or on other forms of social media will stay on the internet. Think more than twice before ranting or posting pictures you wouldn’t want your clients, or employers to view. These days, employers and client prospects check the people they want to deal with based on online information.

Keep a clean reputation

If you want to have a good online record, do remember that recruiters give higher chances of hiring a person with a positive personal online track record. Be intelligent and careful when you post something online.

Prioritize the safety of your personal space

Be mindful of how much personal info you are giving out on your social media pages. The more you reveal and post online, the easier it may be for cyber-crooks creeps to gather info about you.

Be careful of cyber-bullies

If a group or person posts something about you that violates you or makes you feel uncomfortable, inform them about it. Don’t be a victim of cyber-bullying. These days, even your reputation may be made or destroyed by your social media presence.

Make it a point to keep protected

If a person is harassing you, sending lewd stuff and unsolicited vulgar photos, or sending threats, block them or report them to the admin of the social media site you are using.

Use the latest security software

An up-to-date anti-virus software helps keep you safe from the bad guys.

Antivirus software is used to keep away threats from your mobile devices and desktops. Antivirus software may also help in keeping you safe and protected against malware. Free software may only help in scanning your system against such threats, so do opt for the paid ones which even help you by blocking and eliminating them.

Keep track of those who can see your online information

Keep your pages in private and limit the number of random people from getting your online information.

Use a strong alpha-numeric password that utilizes special characters

Use a password that has at least 12 characters in it. Make it alphanumeric to make it harder for people to figure out. Whenever something suspicious happens, change your password.

Having password management tools or apps can also be helpful.

Different accounts need different passwords.

Don’t use the same passwords for all your online pages. By having different passwords, it will be hard for the bad guys to access all your accounts.

Think twice before clicking

Weird and dubious links sent to you may be the bad guys’ way of getting access to your account, so before you become a victim, always think before you click.

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