Use These Cool Web Development Apps

Really Cool Web Development Apps That You Are Not Using

Web development tools are very handy for people working in website development services. There are different types of tools you can use, such as plug-ins and graphic design tools, which can help turn your website into a real head-turner. But, what’s most important is that they help make your efforts into something faster and more efficient. Plus, they should help you gain access to the latest technology.

Some browsers provide built-in web development. But, it’s still important that you prioritize and monitor your user experience, to know that your websites are working at par with your expectations. Also it would be very good if you use tools that help you explore the full potential of your creativity.

Without further ado, here are some web development tools you can use:


Getting photos for a website may sometimes pose as a challenging task. It feels like it’ll just be a quick job; but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.

Pictura allows you to scour through Flickr for images that work best for your design environment. The tool instantly layers your image and puts it in your canvas. It also allows you to play with filters, which you can use for royalty free images.


Converse is a chat tool that you can incorporate into your website. Converse lets you create chat rooms or single user chats.

Converse also has the ability to translate your chat conversations into 15 languages. Aside from that, you can screencast your chats on Gmail. Converse can be put into different web browsers like Roundcube or WordPress. Because it is written in Javascript, you can put it directly on your browser.


Cinematico, updates the videos on your website every time you publish a new video on Vimeo or YouTube. It is linked to your Vimeo or YouTube channel and is automatically synchronized. Cinematico is open-sourced and is also free.

Icon Maker

Emoticons and icons are all the buzz these days and it’s easy to see why it is so popular – a simple smile can put feelings to your conversation. With the Icon Maker tool you can make your own emoticons and icons to warm up your website.


For really unique images for your website, Rollerblade is a really cool app to use. It allows you to create 360-degree view of images, which can be viewed on mobile devices, tablets, notebooks, and desktops. Rollerblade works to highlight a venue or building, or simply pictures of your product. With online shopping being the hype right now, Rollerblade’s capabilities give users a “real” experience.

For WordPress website development, what you need to do is to put the code along with the CSS on the top of your page. And, along with a few clicks, you can use the rotator any way you want. Also, you can add as many rotators as you want and decide if it rotates automatically or if it requires the user to drag the image.

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