Selling to Kids – The Ethical Way

Selling to Kids – The Ethical Way

Kids are a challenging demographic for digital marketing services to tap. Basically, it’s due to the commonplace public perspective that major media so often focus on advertising and how it negatively affects the development of children.

However, we shouldn’t forget that children are an important target market and main clientele of some businesses. The way around this is not to cease your marketing strategy if kids are attracted to the brand, but rather to find new methods to sell to kids in an ethical perspective.

When we talk about child-centric marketing, our notion usually goes straight to toys and fast food. However, those are not the only market segments that are finding ways to upgrade how they market to the young ones. Also, in some instances, ethical practices suggest that companies should not market to children at all. There are however best practices you can follow if you indeed want to market to kids.

Now, how should you build your strategy once you’ve come to a conclusion that marketing to kids is beneficial and at the same time, ethical? First you need to know what makes kids tick.”

Create content that’s fun for children. Kids can tell if your priority is them, or if you just want to earn a profit from them. If you’re just in for the money, kids can sense it. If your priority is fun, then you can bring in the goods for them.

Let’s take a look at some ethical techniques that may work well with your marketing plan.

Aim Your Communication Points to the Parents

Keep in mind that it is easy for the parents to see that your products are safe and find out how your products or services benefit their kids. Be transparent with specs and safety features. Some companies make their safety features very visible on their landing page. Remember, at the end of the day, the mom and dad are the ones who make decisions.

Turn Kids Into Brand Champions and Ambassadors

Allow kids to stand up for your brand. Remember that children are among the most loyal of customer bases. Give them the chance to make user-generated content. A good strategy is by creating fan-hosted blogs where they can write things, send in drawings, and generally participate online.

Be as Original as Possible

Kids always want to be involved – take advantage of that. For this, you can harness the power of YouTube. Another way is by creating content that they can download. Try incorporating things where they can learn from fun activities.

Today’s kids are intelligent – and it is a must that brands who choose to sell to children also embrace the responsibility to help young consumers have a fair and ethical experience in terms of how they market.

By using the strategies mentioned above, all of us as business persons have the power to empower the young generation to be stronger, wiser, and be more ready than we were – thus making sure that there is a better future ahead of us.

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