SEO dos and don'ts to keep in mind

SEO Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

The SEO consulting services industry has changed over the years as search engine algorithms have become more complicated. For the most part, this is okay. It has improved the user experience, ensuring that spammy or weak content websites don’t rank highly on search engines.

To make sure you stay on top of your SEO strategy, here are some SEO tips that work:

Use analytics to measure performance

Before you start creating your content, you must know which keywords you’re trying to rank for. Using keywords analytics is a surefire way to inform this decision. I always use Hubspot, but you can also use Alexa, Moz or Marketo.

My recommendation: Try using phrases that relate to your business, but have a low difficulty score – meaning that fewer businesses or sites are using them. We’ve also found that it’s often specific, long-tailed keywords that result in the best conversions.

Even after you start writing content, I suggest that you follow keyword analytics over time to see which phrases need attention. When your rank slips or you spot an opportunity, just use the tips below to help get your keyword back up the rankings.

Focus your content on keywords

Always make sure your title relates to the content or keyword clearly. When searching on Google, you will have 55 characters to impress the user before Google cuts your title short. I believe this isn’t too much of a problem, as long as the first 55 characters of the title can engage your visitors.

Always use relevant links

When using links, it’s always quality over quantity. Too many links and your content will look like spam, but a few relevant links to key internal web pages and a few external links will tend to boost your SEO.

Create relevant content

SEO is simple (sort of). Just focus on creating relevant content that your visitors will enjoy reading. This increases your chances of moving up the rankings, as more and more users come into your page. This is fundamental to the inbound marketing methodology – create good quality content and the customers will come to you!

Always make web pages mobile-responsive

Ensure your website is smartphone friendly. Google will favor mobile-friendly websites, as they provide a better user experience. This also means you must have links and buttons that are easily clickable on phones; ensure they are big enough to be activated with the user’s thumb.

Do not copy large pieces of external content

Let’s do away with that old SEO myth. I’ve found that duplicating your own content doesn’t seem to harm your SEO; it just doesn’t help it either though. Duplicating a small amount of content won’t hurt, but copying and pasting large segments probably will.

Never overuse keywords

Let’s make things clear, search engines want content that has a clear theme; but, overusing a keyword can put off customers, potentially reducing conversions. In terms of search engines, I’ve discovered that they don’t penalize this directly, but they may find that your repetitive content has led to high bounce rates, which may result in a lower ranking.

Taking these pointers and applying them as part of your SEO scheme should improve your SEO rankings. But remember, SEO is a process that takes time and practice, so be patient, and sooner or later your website will bring in high quality traffic and potential leads.

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