SEO Made Easy for Online Selling Newbies

SEO Made Easy for Online Selling Newbies

The beauty of selling online is that let it gives a fair playing field even for start-ups and small businesses to reach millions of client prospects across the globe. If you happen to have the right tools and a well-made strategy for search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), you’ll be able to grab the attention of would-be customers who are very much willing to shell-out their hard-earned cash the moment they find their way to your website.

To boost your advantage in online selling, your website or your business must appear on the first page of Google’s search engine. That means the higher your position is on Yahoo or Google search results, the bigger the chances are for your customers to find you. Truth be told, the higher your web traffic is, the bigger your return of investment will be. So how will your website show up on the first page of these search engine results? If you want to improve your SEO, then carry on and read below.

To be a on top of the first page of search engines, you’ll have to make sure that your site has an SEO strategy in place and that you have already set up a well-thought product list page. To make it very much easier on your end, I’ve listed down some of SEO consulting services’ best practices that will assist in landing your website on the first page of Google and Yahoo.

Use precise and well-researched keywords

Make it a rule of thumb that you only use regularly searched keywords into the name of your page, the titles of your content, in your headings and headlines, on the tags of your images, as well as in your product descriptions. If you are to do this, search results will lead more traffic to your website. The more precise and direct your keywords are, the more opportunities there will be for your website to rank on popular search engines.  For example, “pizza” is a broad keyword, but “pizza parlour in the Philippines” may be precise enough to reach your target market based on their location. I also suggest that you practice using long-tail keywords that contain several words that are unique to the goods you are selling.

The way you describe your products should highlight why they are unique

Attractive, attention-grabbing and catchy descriptions of your products are indeed crucial if you want to increase customer engagement, as well as earn a higher rank in search engines. Instead of opting to use vague, generic language or using the description provided by the manufacturer, glam up your descriptions into fun and witty ones which will catch the fancy of clients. The product description should tell them the story behind the product as well as give them reasons to buy them. For example, discuss how the item was made and focus on the solutions it can bring to your consumer. Aside from the usual product specs, give them input as to how your product can give solutions to their concerns.

Reviews and testimonials from your customers should be posted

By building a place for your customers to put their reviews, you are effectively increasing your search engine performance by posting user-generated content. Let your customers put their reviews and testimonials, and make sure to thank them for doing so! Remember that the best brand ambassadors are your happiest customers. Reviews may also positively affect your ROI by as much as 80% because most of your customers find it relevant to read through reviews before purchasing anything online.

In the fast-evolving online selling industry, a well-plotted SEO strategy gives you the necessary push for your website and the chance to beat the competition. Lastly, do not forget to always keep your website updated to create an ideal shopping experience for your clients while enhancing your brand image at the same time.

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