SEO and Other Marketing Tips for Your Mobile Site

SEO and Other Marketing Tips for Your Mobile Site

The key to any successful site is making it as easy as possible for your audience to consume and share information. Always keep in mind where and how your audience is spending their time. These days, 60% of all internet usage is done using smartphones and tablets. Additionally, over 20% of millennials no longer even use a desktop to access information online.

Mobile optimization is crucial in doing everything online – from creating a responsive website to making tweaks to your content marketing program to serve mobile users.

Read the checklist below to get some helpful tips for staying on top:

SEO Tips From SEO Consulting Services Pros

Make Your Site Responsive

If you’ve recently updated your website and don’t want to invest in a complete overhaul to create a responsive website, you can setup a separate mobile site. However, always keep in mind that there are benefits and drawbacks to taking this path.


Mobile users are searching for content on-the-go. Here are some best practices that you can implement to improve page load speed:

  • Optimize your images so that they are smaller, and, thus, load faster.
  • Implement caching plugins.
  • Use JavaScript sparingly.

Local Optimization

To ensure that your business surfaces in local results, be diligent about making sure that all of your contact information is consistent across the web.

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Your mobile audience is working with a lot less screen than desktop users. Try to be as concise as possible when drafting title tags and meta descriptions.

How to Market Your Content:

Be Direct

Mobile users need content that can be scanned and is impactful. De-clutter and format your content in a way that makes sense for your audience. Your content should be presented in bite-sized chunks that are easy to consume.

Awesome Images and Graphics

Graphics perform very well on mobile devices. While you may not have given much consideration to blog or long-form content images in the past, here is your opportunity. A well-selected image can be the difference between a consumer engaging with your content, or quickly moving on.

People Love Videos

The click-through rate of emails increased by 200% to 300% when video is embedded. Additionally, it was uncovered that consumers are actually spending more time watching video on mobile devices than on desktops.

Social Media

Smartphone Use

About 2 years ago, there were around 1.69 billion social media accounts accessed via mobile. When creating and publishing new social media content, keep your mobile audience in mind.

Mobile-friendly Apps

Many social media platforms offer mobile friendly apps and add-ons that can be easily integrated into brand profiles.

Epic Visuals

Use eye-catching visual elements in social media campaigns across all platforms. Also, use platforms like Instagram, which presents a great opportunity to incorporate images and videos into social media content.

Finally, Test Your Website!

Google features a couple of different tools that help determine if your website is mobile friendly. These sites also provide access to some applications that will help you go mobile, as needed.

Though very essential, the things I mentioned above only scratch the surface of mobile optimization. If you can currently cross out five or more of the items above off your list, you’re doing things right. If not, consider it as a chance to increase your reach and better serve your mobile audience.

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