SEO Tips to Maximize Your Instagram Campaigns

SEO Tips to Maximize Your Instagram Campaigns

Instagram is a social media channel that is picking up on momentum in terms of popularity that even SEO consulting services are starting to explore. For us, this means that a strategy must be put in place for this medium. Read on below to know more about creating a presence on Instagram before you go all-out in developing an SEO strat plan. But once you have created a seamless strategy for IG, then it’s time to step up your Instagram game.

Study how hashtags work

This concept puts more traditional SEO strategies into Instagram. While Instagram does not look like a search engine, it still carries a search function, and the most effective way of finding something is through the use of hashtags— you know, words without spaces that begin with “#”. You want to maximize using the hashtags that are getting the most IG searches and that are closely connected to your photos to reach a massive number of viewing on the internet. The cool side of hashtags, as opposed to keywords, is that you can put as many hashtags as you want— though it’s advisable to have them at the end of the caption.

Organize Instagram contests and promos

This social media technique is very popular these days. They are so effective that in some campaigns, companies are not offering prizes and yet people are still joining and interacting.

Support a cause or a charity program

People love supporting businesses that strives for a positive change in the community. Even if your company is not doing direct support, you can give donations or sponsor fundraisers, and even send off your staff to community service activities. These forms of corporate social responsibility projects are great in building the image of your website or business, and they can add impact to your Instagram posts owing to the fact that images have powerful visuals.

Use influencers to promote your business

This strategy is something a lot of brands find effective in promoting their business. Influencers are people who are popular on social media and are able to amass a large following that are easily influenced by what they promote or suggest them to do— e.g. celebrities. Your brand can collaborate with Instagram influencers within your target demographic and in exchange, the influencer will promote your products or services.

Bear in mind that links are not something you may want to use on Instagram

You can always link the url of your website on your page, but that’s just how far you can go. Putting those links on captions and comments doesn’t work in the realm of IG. Instagram is a wonderful medium to increase brand awareness, but not so much in terms of using links and keywords.

The future of SEO in the social media savvy world

Because of how popular social media is and how it creates impact in the world of marketing, search engines have begun evolving and what may not be searchable or accounted for by SEs today, may serve as leads in the future.

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