SEO Tips Rewriting Articles 101

SEO Tips: Rewriting Articles 101

Rewriting content is an important part of offshore SEO services. While each competent content writer tries to write from zero using their own skills and the knowledge for the project, often you’re asked to compose something that’s nearly close to another article that has already been written. However, what’s important is to do your best to come up with new info not mentioned in the other write-up.

Use Their Ideas but Do Not Copy Words

The most crucial thing to know when rewriting is that you’re using another person’s ideas. You’re not plagiarizing the actual article itself. Even though you’re recycling a single article, you don’t want to look at how someone composed a sentence or even how they used words. You only want to know the concepts within the content, and then basically rearrange them from nada using your own words. The first thing to do is read a paragraph, then compose the paragraph based on what you’ve read without copying the content.

Rewrite by Paragraph Not by Sentence

Also, to avoid from accidentally plagiarizing the words that another author used, never go through the content one sentence at a time. Focus on entire meaty portions. The brain may tend to over-copy another writer’s words when they rely too heavily on small sections of text. What you need to do is to make it 100% yours, and so going through the original piece of content in big chunks should lessen the chance of accidentally copying their content.

Move From up to Down

Speed is also a factor in rewriting article. Some writers find rewriting to be quicker, especially if they are not able to come up with the time to write content for their site. One strategy we use is to rewrite content quickly by copy-pasting the Word document I’m using to rewrite a new article. This gives me a brief glance of what I’m trying to come up with in the next paragraph instead of going back and forth and ruining the flow of ideas. It also allows me to see if there are any plagiarisms. Once I know that my content is unique, I erase the paragraph of the original content that I’ve re-written and shift to the next part.

Don’t Hesitate to Revise

Always put in mind that just because you’re rewriting doesn’t mean that you need to completely copy the piece. If you have other ideas, or if you don’t agree with the perspective in the original piece, don’t hesitate to revise it. Let your ideas stand out. Even if you’re “rewriting,” all you’re actually doing is using the article just as a reference. You never need to copy the ideas presented in the original article unless the client requests for it.

Add More Content

Lastly, if you’re worried that your article is going to be seen as “plagiarized” from the original source, then just look for ways to put in more content and make it truly yours. You can always add more to improve the article. For extra points and to make a stronger and better article, add your own ideas.

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