Should you outsource creative design services

Should You Outsource Creative Design Services?

My answer to this question is a resonating YES!

Creative design is very crucial in today’s promotional and functional content, very often being the key differentiator that makes your content something to rave about or something that’s just plain “meh.” Though this task is critical, it makes sense to outsource rather that do it in-house.

Here are some reasons why you should outsource your creative design needs:

They Go Beyond the Box

A radically new concept – a marked departure from the existing parameters of “just okay” and something that has the potential to go viral – today’s design needs all these. Such creativity, on a consistent basis, is a tough requirement. Outsourcing your design gives us a grasp on better focus and creativity.

They Can Provide You with a More Diverse Talent Pool

Creativity is the sum and totality of skill-sets and experiences. Outsourcing creative design expands both of these. The outsourcer would have access to a much wider pool of skill-sets and experiences. In-house staff, many of them hired for specific purposes, would have their own limitations. It is even possible to outsource specific tasks to different people based on specific skill-sets, and then tie it all together.

Save with Lower Costs

One of the biggest drivers of outsourcing in any area is the ability to save money, and this is true when outsourcing creative design as well. Creative design is a time consuming exercise. Entrusting in-house staff for this means paying regular salary, complete with benefits for something that may eventually be discarded. When you outsource, the payment is usually for results, or at the very least, for specific effort. Some surveys report that about 75% of respondents indicate labor cost savings as one of the three most important drivers leading to overseas outsourcing.

Be More Flexible

Creative design is by no means a standard or routine craft. For instance, the skills-set required to illustrate marketing collaterals is vastly different from the skills-set needed to shoot a promotional video.  Outsourcing creative design offers flexibility to pick and choose the skill-sets as required. A start-up, for instance, could first contract out their web design work, while simultaneously outsourcing tasks to another agency for making promotional videos, and then finally tie it all up.

They Understand Your Target Audience Better

Creative design is highly subjective. An outsourcing solutions company with a longer and wider experience would be in a better stead to conjure up designs that appeal to the target audience. It is estimated that about 49% of all senior marketing executives consider a localized marketing strategy as essential to business growth and profitability. It is, however, important to choose a partner who has a strong and established presence in the target area and among the targeted audience.

They Tend to be More Competitive

A combination of gaining more savings, better engagement by the target customers to the initiative, improved efficiency – all brought about by outsourcing creative design – means that your business is becoming more competitive, as well as productive.

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