The Social Media Expert as Graphic Designer and Vice Versa

The Social Media Expert as Graphic Designer and Vice Versa

Graphic artists are the creative people who make eye-catching graphics for a website or blog. Imagine a website without art. See how lifeless things become? That’s why these artists are indispensable. But, these guys can sometimes get bombarded with their jobs that they no longer have time to explore the latest trends in social media art. So, the task falls to the social media manager.

However, as a lot of projects connected to social media management begin to pile up, some things are sure to happen. At this moment, both the social media person and the artist must step up. At this point, both of them have to share their responsibilities.

This is why social media content managers should not just focus on doing their research on the latest trends while creating content but also contribute to the images and art for their brand.

Social Media Experts and Creative Design Services Must Have a Grasp of Each Other’s Fields

With the fast-paced growth in social media demands, social media content managers have to shift from being crafty with words to being the full package, which means that they can be wordsmiths who can whip out visually stimulating graphics.

As they are drafting and writing the Facebook posts for the day, they are also doing the art direction and thinking of the images. What picture can I use with this status? Should I draft a fun 4-panel comic meme or do I need to put words on a photo? At this point, the content managers have to be fully immersed in the brand themselves.

Images are most noticed by the client as compared to the copy because people are visually simulated. Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words. For a brand, it’s mostly true. People build their impressions of brands based on how they represent themselves through social media. This includes how they use copy and graphics. Also, a bad image or poorly made image and copy may quickly turn off and drive prospective customers away.

Hire Social Media People Who Are Graphic Savvy or Social Media Savvy Graphic Artists

If you are a business owner or part of the brand, you must ensure that the next social media manager you hire is artistically inclined. This person must possess a digital marketing package – an expert in possessing social media, content creation, and graphic design. There are people like this in the applicant pool; but, they may be challenging to come by. A bigger chunk of these people already have their specialties or prefer to focus on a particular field.

Another thing you may want to look into is providing training or helping your social media people embrace graphic design. This could be anything from basic graphics seminars, which can give them basic knowledge on how to use graphic design programs.

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