Useful Tips on Outsourcing Your Web Development

Some Useful Tips on Outsourcing Your Web Development

If your company or startup is digitally savvy, it is a must to have an up-to-date, mobile-friendly and visually pleasing website. Also, it should have an attractive, visually appealing and user-friendly professional website design in order to attract today’s browsers.

Given the fast paced, ever changing nature of the e-commerce solutions, web applications, social sharing and mobile-ready functionality that consumers demand today, it’s easy to say that making sure you regularly review your website’s design and functionality is very important.

It might sound okay to put off investing the inevitable resources required to complete a website overhaul. However, an obsolete website can also be the difference between securing that new customer and losing them to an inferior competitor with an edgier interface.

The good news for companies is that outsourcing web development services to more affordable markets, such as India or the Philippines, provides a cost-friendly solution for securing professional website design and development. And, just as you would be careful with the appointment of any new employee or contractor who joins your company, doing your homework and weighing up the potential benefits and risks is crucial when employing your offshore web design services staff.

Here are my top recommendations when it comes to outsourcing your web and application development:

Identify What Functionality Your Website Needs to Function

Check what type of Content Management System (CMS) your existing website is built on and importantly, what kind of capacity your new website requires to so that you know what skills you are looking for.

Consider not only the relevant experience a person has in the same or similar CMS systems but also whether or not he or she has the right attitude – one that reflects the values of your company.

Make Sure to Take the Time to Personally Talk to Each Potential Candidate

Since you’ll have to work with them throughout the process, a mutual understanding and the ability to communicate effectively is critical. Even though you’ll be working away from them, find time to get the chance to talk to your web developer.

Choose a Reputable Offshoring Solutions Partner to Outsource Your Web Development

Find a offshoring partner who will work closely with you throughout recruitment, appointment, training and beyond.

Make Sure that You and Your Offshoring Partners Have Access to the Most Up-to-date Tools and Technology Available

When it comes to communicating with your offshore staff, it is important that your tools, such as communications software, online time sheets and network performance software are always up-to-date.

Get Involved and be More Hands on

Not being involved with your offshore team may lead to failure. No one knows your projects and your business better than you – so, you should be thoroughly involved with your team as often as possible. The web developers should look for your feedback and criticism at every step of the process, and you should demand regular work updates from them.

Web design and development shouldn’t take an excruciatingly long time to accomplish. Outsourcing tasks to offshore staff should be more of a business strategy rather than a cost-cutting method.

The tips above seem simple but should be contemplated on. With the right mindset and access to the right tools, you’ll be able to get the right web development staff and manage them effectively despite being oceans apart from each other.

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