Survive a Web Design Career with Your Health Intact Using These Tips

Survive a Web Design Career with Your Health Intact Using These Tips

If you have a career that involves WordPress website development or web design services, then chances are you are stuck to a chair for more or less 9 hours a day. The human body is not designed for such sedentary lifestyle.

But if your job is involved with anything online, you can’t avoid having to sit for hours on end.

With the ill effects on health caused by sitting for long hours, here’s a quick guide to help you remain healthy even if you are working in this field.

Save Your Back with Good Posture

There are lots of benefits you can get by sitting straight and avoiding slouching – this includes relief from back and neck pain.

Have office chairs replaced when they are beginning to wear out. Worn-out office chairs may do more harm than good when it comes to posture. Inform management to get ergonomic chairs for the staff.

At home, change your bed and go for an orthopedic mattress for better back alignment. Aside from helping relieve back pain and improving posture, it can also help you get better sleep.

Avoid Wrist Damage

Even small tasks like typing may cause repetitive motion damage to your wrists and hands.

Carpal tunnel surgery hurts and may cost a lot so do not wait for it to occur to you.

One of the best ways to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist injuries is by shifting to a vertical mouse. A vertical mouse puts your hand on a handshake position that reduces stress on your wrists and lessens the risk of injury.

Embrace an Active Lifestyle

Even doing strenuous exercise of up to 30 minutes or more daily won’t be that beneficial if you spend the whole day sitting. Research reveals, however, that the damage caused by a sedentary lifestyle may be mitigated by standing up and walking to the office from time to time.

Getting up and doing quick stretches also help in keeping your circulation flowing.

Get a Massage Once in a While

There are lots of benefits you can get by having a massage. Massage sessions help with your circulation, while stretching and relaxing your muscles, joints, and tendons.

You can get some self-massage techniques on YouTube, which help you target your neck, arms, and upper and lower back.

Opt for Standing Desks

Another healthy solution to keep people on their toes is by incorporating standing desks or, if your office can afford it, desks with treadmills. However, you should not rush to standing for the whole 9-hour shift because a sudden transition may also cause lower back pain so ease into it.

Here are some other ways for you to be on your feet from time to time:

  • If you are using a laptop, don’t stay in the same spot during the entire shift. Transfer somewhere you have to work standing at different times of the day
  • Have two workstations. One where you sit, the other that you can use standing

Parting Shot

There are health risks involved in any occupation, but why wait for something bad to happen if you can prevent it? Though you would have to invest effort and money on the above options, the benefits of living a longer life make it worth it.

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